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1.2 Lori and Russell

In this episode, guests Lori Watson and Russell Jones talk about fringe coping strategies, pretty dogs, sci-fi nights, creative juices, video games and fish funerals. We also get a fiddle performance, on-the-spot interpretations and a small poetry recital.

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Lori's fiddle and Pakkun the springer spaniel

About our guests

Lori Watson

Chosen object: fiddle

Lori Watson is the first Doctor of Artistic Research in Scottish Music, and an authority on contemporary traditional music practice in Scotland. Drawing on her strong roots in the rich creative tradition of the Scottish Borders, she has become a leading interpreter of Scottish folk music and Scots song and her skills as a performer, composer, researcher and educator are widely recognised. Her performance, composition and songwriting can be heard with award-winning groups Boreas, Watson/Black, Rule Of Three and Fireside Music Company (with Dr Margaret Bennett).

Lori Watson combines groundbreaking research and creative and composition work with a busy performance and teaching schedule to fulfil her expansive interest in music.

Lori's professional website

Lori's research website

Listen to Lori's cover of 'Occupy my Hours' (originally by Broken Chanter) on Bandcamp

Russell Jones

Chosen object: Pakkun the springer spaniel

Russell Jones is an Edinburgh-based writer and editor. He is the UK’s Pet Poet Laureate, has published five collections of poetry and is deputy editor of 'Shoreline of Infinity', a science fiction magazine. Russell  is also the editor of 'Where Rockets Burn Through: Contemporary Science Fiction Poems from the UK' (Penned in the Margins), co-editor of 'Umbrellas of Edinburgh: Poetry and Prose Inspired by Scotland’s Capital City' (Freight Books) and 'Multiverse: an international anthology of science fiction poetry' (Shoreline of Infinity).

Russell writes novels, short stories for children, and has a PhD in Creative Writing from the University of Edinburgh. Russell enjoys White Russians, Twiglets and karaoke.

Russell's Twitter

Russell's blog

Shoreline of Infinity

Lori playing her fiddle; Russell and Pakkun the springer spaniel
Scenes from the podcast recording.


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