Strategy 2030

The University of Edinburgh Digital Strategy

The University of Edinburgh Digital Strategy will set out the future digital environment of the University to support our longer term strategic goals.

Digital has been a fundamental part of change, improvement, and transformation at the University of Edinburgh over the past 50 years.

Digital technology has increasingly been adopted in teaching and learning to enrich the student experience. Our students and researchers have access to millions of digital resources to enhance their studies and research. We have launched several online Masters programmes, expanding the University’s global reach and impact.

Digital also played a fundamental part in ensuring the University’s resilience and ability to support our students and staff during the Covid-19 pandemic as it accelerated the pace at which Digital has been adopted at our University, with incredible progress being made in a short amount of time.  

Digital innovations will be a key component in delivering Strategy 2030, which plans for a future in which the University of Edinburgh delivers its vision on excellence and on making the world a better place.  

Given the strategic role of digital within higher education, the University recognises the need for its own Digital Strategy. This strategy will set out the future Digital Environment of the University showing how this will support our longer term strategic goals.  

Our Digital Environment includes:  

  • The technologies we require to deliver on our mission  
  • The skills, culture and ways of working required to ensure best use of those technologies 

The continuous development of our digital environment will provide us with new opportunities to progress, re-imagine and enhance our University.  

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