Strategy 2030

Hybrid Working

The University has a Hybrid Workplace Policy which outlines the procedure for on-campus and off-campus working.

Hybrid working is a mix of on campus and off campus working and is not constrained by one specific location.

The University has a Hybrid Workplace Policy which takes account of the needs of the business, team and individuals. Flexibility and staff wellbeing are at the heart of our approach with the campus remaining as the centre of gravity. In those parts of the organisation where hybrid working is possible, managers have been working with their teams to find out what works best. There can be no ‘one size fits all’ as there are many different teams and roles across the University.

We are looking to embed the benefits of hybrid working as part of an overall approach that supports our dynamic community and helps them perform at their best.

We will balance the needs of the organisation, teams and individuals underpinned by optimal use of the estate and modern digital approaches. We will understand the carbon implications of the choices we make and will seek to minimise emissions where we can.

Our approach is underpinned by a commitment to equality and to enabling, promoting and encouraging staff wellbeing. We have an opportunity to rethink the way work is delivered, reimagining how we use space and locations, whilst making sure that the campus remains the centre of gravity. The Hybrid Workplace Policy provides us with a procedure to achieve this and support our colleagues to continue delivering high quality work.

We continue to review, gather insight and explore ways of working. Improved ways of working may see us use our space differently, to enhance our working environment on campus and help us make positive and sustainable changes. 

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