Strategy 2030

Curriculum Transformation

Curriculum Transformation will work to review the shape, design, and delivery of our current curriculum to ensure it develops with the needs of our future students in mind.

The Curriculum Transformation Programme is a major and long term initiative for the University of Edinburgh, closely aligned to Strategy 2030.

At its heart will be collaboration and dialogue with staff, students and other stakeholders internally and externally to construct a curriculum that continues to challenge and support all students to thrive and fulfil their potential. It should be a joy to deliver and reflect an ambition to be the best and most progressive we can, as a place to study and as a place of work.

Our ambition for Curriculum Transformation is to:

  • Generate an outstanding educational experience for students
  • Increase our impact in how teaching is administered and supported
  • Create greater alignment with institutional strategic priorities

What we will achieve:

  • Students will find it easier to tailor and complete their degree as a foundation for future learning, ethical global citizenship, and enhanced employability
  • As an institution we will reduce academic workloads, improve teaching and administrative efficiency, and use our physical and digital estate more effectively and creatively
  • This will increase the attractiveness of our course and programme portfolio, ensuring that our resources are focused on areas of strategic importance

A number of workstreams and groups will support the Curriculum Transformation Programme throughout its lifecycle. Three major areas of work for the Programme are:

Edinburgh Student Vision

The development of the Edinburgh Student Vision is an important early step in our Curriculum Transformation Programme. Its purpose is to define a shared ambition for the distinctive qualities and impact of the curriculum for our applicants, students and graduates. It will inform the design of future courses and programmes, be something that students and staff can identify with, and help shape our approach to teaching and assessment in the long term.

Following a period of exploration and investigation in 2021 a draft Edinburgh Student Vision was shared as part of a University-wide consultation, which ran until June 2022. During the remainder of 2022 the Edinburgh Student Vision will be used as a key reference point as we develop and define a set of institutional curriculum design principles and curriculum architecture.

Curriculum Design Principles and Architecture

There are two overarching objectives for this workstream. The first is to support the development of a set of design principles that will inform the design and implementation of our new curriculum at an institutional, programme and course level.  Second is to contribute and support the use of these principles to develop and test scenarios for programme structures and key elements of the curriculum, and use this to propose a new curriculum architecture. 

This workstream will run throughout 2022 and into the early part of 2023

Supporting the Curriculum

An enabling workstream supporting and underpinning the management and operational delivery of the new curriculum from a system, policy and process perspective focusing on the early identification of potential challenges and the preparation of propositions for their resolution. The purpose of this workstream is to ensure that our institutional infrastructure is ready and has been optimised to provide an educational experience and outcomes for staff and students that matches our vision and ambition for the curriculum. 

Supporting the Curriculum will run throughout the lifecycle of the Programme.

University of Edinburgh staff and students:

For staff and students, there is a wealth of information and ways to get involved on the Curriculum Transformation Hub. The Hub is designed to be a space for our communities to learn about, engage in and co-create our future curriculum:

Curriculum Transformation Hub (EASE login required)

External to the University of Edinburgh:

If you are not working or studying at the University of Edinburgh,  you can find out more at:

Curriculum Transformation Programme

If you have questions or would like to know more about our Curriculum Transformation Programme please contact us at: