Strategy 2030

Strategy in action

A number of key programmes are currently underway to support Strategy 2030 in each of our four key areas of focus.

Curriculum Transformation

Curriculum Transformation will work to review the shape, design, and delivery of our current curriculum to ensure it develops with the needs of our future students in mind.

Hybrid Working

The University has a Hybrid Working Framework in place to provide guidance around on campus and off campus working.

Student support and experience

We’re rolling out ambitious, University-wide improvements in how we support our students.

Digital strategy

The Digital Strategy will set out the future digital environment of the University to support our longer term strategic goals.

HR and Finance Transformation

The University is transforming its HR and finance services, supported by a new system called People and Money.

Growing Research Together

Growing Research Together will design a future University research support ecosystem that enables us to thrive in an increasingly fast-changing and competitive funding environment.