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Postgraduate Certificate in Global Health Challenges

Looking to further your education and understanding of the global health agenda and the issues that shape it?

The PG Certificate in Global Health Challenges explores the greater challenges that affect the health of people worldwide, including:-

  • What global health means and the interconnectedness of the major diseases, ( communicable, non-communicable, Neglected tropical diseases and emerging new infectious diseases).
  • Health and Illness Inc. - what shapes diseases and responses to them, in particular the three Bigs in Global Health - Big Food, Big Pharma, and Big Tobacco.
  • The role of business, and politics in the our abilities to lead healthy lives.
  • The other major influences on health - climate change, changing ecosystems, technologies and natural disasters.
  • Social determinants of health providing a strong platform to understand the theories underpinning the politics and social justice issues.
  • Including a series of case studies around one of the major global health inequalities in the world – that of mother and child health which provides an in-depth understanding of the data on mortality, the reasons why despite substantial investment there are still major challenges in providing healthcare to mothers and children and the ways forward. Thinking from this case study can be applied to many other health challenges.

Health and wellness, illness and healthcare are rapidly changing in response to our ever changing world. A multidisciplinary approach, and an understanding of these ever changing issues and the effect on local and global health, and its associated connections and challenges is vital.

Dr Liz GrantDeputy Director, Global Health Academy

Taken as a one year, flexible programme over 3 terms, (10 weeks each) , studied entirely online, the programme is designed to be accessible to working professionals all over the world.

Study the PG Certificate in Global Health Challenges as a stand-alone programme or take it as part of a full MSc in Global Challenges which also encompasses environment and development issues.

Our applications for September 2014 are open until 22 August. We encourage you to apply as early as possible and our admissions team will guide you through the process .

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