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The Impact of PhD Researchers on Global Health

On Friday 10 October 2014 almost 50 postgraduate students gathered for the launch of the Global Health PhD Network, a new semi-autonomous subgroup of the Global Health Society.

Launch Event of the Global Health PhD Network

GH PhD 1

The Network exists to connect and equip postgraduate students to develop key networks and skills for global health research, interdisciplinary collaboration and public engagement. Its vision is to impact the development of future leaders in global health research, interdisciplinary collaboration and public engagement.

After an introduction to the Network, we enjoyed a cleverly-crafted talk on “The Impact of PhD Researchers on Global Health” by Prof Sue Welburn, Vice-Principal for Global Access. She drew on global health history as well as her own experiences. The talk was informative and inspiring, encouraging us to think longer term about our postgraduate research. We were even shown exclusive photos of Prof Welburn out on the field conducting her own postgraduate global health research!

GH PhD 2
GH PhD 3

After an opportunity to ask Prof Welburn questions and to thank her for an excellent talk, tea and coffee were served with a range of sweet treats and the guided networking activity began. This bingo-style activity involved students moving around the room in order to meet and speak with other people. Participants aimed to complete either a row or a column of boxes on a sheet of paper with the names of different contacts. Each box had a description of the contact, for example, “Asked a really helpful question about my research”, “Is from a different School with an interest in a similar subject matter”, “Is someone I would like to meet again to continue our conversation about…” and “Has links to the country I am researching”. The two winners of this activity were presented with a bag of prizes.

GH PhD 4

The event was scheduled to end at 4:30pm but at 5pm some students were still engaged in conversations! The objectives of the launch event were met and we look forward to our future events

It was exciting to be part of the Network launch and to receive interest from postgraduate students from a wide range of departments including: Divinity, Edinburgh College of A rt, School of Clinical Sciences and School of Social and Political Sciences .

We are particularly grateful for funding from the CMVM Postgraduate Office, endorsement by the Centre of Population Health Sciences, and advice from the Global Health Academy.

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