Global Health Academy

Celebrating 25 Years of Tropical Health Education December 9th

On the evening of Tuesday 9th December, we will be celebrating the work of an organisation that has, for 25 years, helped transform lives in developing countries.


Tuesday 9 December 2014, 3.00pm

Tuesday 9 December 2014, 9.00pm

29 Buccleuch Place EH8 9JS Edinburgh


The Tropical Health Education Trust (THET) works with volunteers from the NHS to improve the education and training of health workers, particularly in Africa.

THET is supported in its work by businesses such as Johnson and Johnson, who see this support as an important part of their responsibility agenda.

We will hear about the amazing work of THET and also the strategic leadership of the Global Health Academy at the University of Edinburgh in developing a multi-disciplinary approach to global health challenges. The Global Health Academy aims to improve global health and make life better through collaborative research and education. We will also hear from a prize-winning team of MBA students from the University of Edinburgh Business School who will present the business case for supporting organisations such as THET.

Come and hear how THET, the GHA and the University are supporting health education around the world, and the benefits that other organisations can gain from joining in this unique collaboration.