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Privacy statement: Registering to receive email communications

How we use your information when you register to receive email communications.

The Online Learning Marketing team processes your personal data in order to send you relevant information about studying at the University of Edinburgh, as well as to let you know about further information opportunities such as Open Days and virtual events relating to online degrees.

We are using your personal data because you have given us consent to be added to our mailing list, or because you have consented to a third party sharing your data with us.

In the legitimate interest of monitoring the effectiveness of recruitment activities, we may use your data to track whether you engage in further activities with us or go on to make an application; this is for statistical purposes only.

The Online Learning Marketing team will hold the personal data you have provided to us until the end of the following calendar year. (e.g. if you subscribe to a mailing list in July 2023, we will hold your data until December 2024). After this period we will remove you from our contact database. Alternatively, you can opt out of the mailing list at any time.

This processing of your personal data will have no impact on the outcome of any current or future application to the University of Edinburgh.

Keystone and DotDigital

The Online Learning Marketing team uses Keystone and DotDigital to provide prospective students targeted communications on our programme offerings. You can unsubscribe from Keystone and DotDigital emails at any time. These are third party services subcontracted by the University of Edinburgh but not operated by the University of Edinburgh.   

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