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Academic Transcripts

An academic transcript is the official record of degree examinations passed, and, for certain categories of student, the grade and mark awarded.

Please only request paper copies where absolutely necessary - these requests will take longer to turn around than requests for documents in electronic format.

We recommend wherever possible that current students forward, download or print your transcript using the electronic documents service at MyEd --> Accounts --> My Student Record --> Documents. 
If you are not able to access your document electronically, we can email an electronic copy to you or your recipient.




Sending an electronic version of your transcript: Most current students and graduates (from 2012 onwards) can view and send their Higher Education Achievement Report (Transcript) electronically via the Electronic Document Service.

The Electronic Document Service will send an email to your recipient with a secure link they can use to download your transcript. Please confirm with the recipient that they are willing to accept this.

The Electronic Document Service transcript is not available to BVM&S, MBChB, MSc by Research and PhD candidates. BVM&S and MSc by Research students should place an order for a transcript, and MSc(R) students should select MSc Taught when completing the order form.

Sending a paper copy of your transcript: To send a paper copy, place an order via the Academic Transcript Order Form and we will mail your transcript within 10 working days.

If you have trouble accessing the Electronic Document Service from Euclid: We have provided instructions about accessing the HEAR/transcript for users having difficulty using the Electronic Document Service.


Graduates from 2012 onwards: University of Edinburgh graduates from 2012 onwards can view and send their Academic Transcript/HEAR electronically via the Alumni Portal.

Graduates prior to 2012: For those who graduated from the University before 2012, place an order via the Academic Transcript Order Form. The content of the transcript varies depending on the degree held and the date of graduation. We will send you the appropriate version and will forward your order to the appropriate School/College if we are unable to provide a transcript from our office.

Graduates holding MBChB degrees: Please use the form prepared by the Medical Teaching Office to order your transcript.

PhD and MSc by Research (MScR) degrees: We cannot produce transcripts for PhD Graduates. Please order an Academic Statement.  MSc(R) graduates should select MSc Taught when completing the transcript order form.   Requests from MSc(R) graduates whose course results are not available in the student record system, will be passed to the appropriate School in order that their paper archive records may be searched.

ECA and Moray House before respective mergers with University of Edinburgh: Please see the Transcript Information page to find out how to order a transcript.

What is the link to order an academic transcript?

If you have read the above information and cannot access your transcript directly through the Electronic Document Service on Euclid, you should request a transcript through our Academic Transcript Order Form.

Can a third party request a transcript on my behalf?

Academic transcripts can only be requested by the student/graduate and not by a third party. If a potential employer or other third party needs to verify your degree, this will be handled by an outside firm as described in our instructions for Third Party Verifications.

How do I send a transcript directly to a potential employer or academic institution?

  • Please confirm with the recipient that they are willing to accept this before ordering.
  • If you would like your academic transcript to be sent to a prospective employer, or to another academic institution as a PDF, you must  provide the email address of the recipient on your order. The email address must be an institutional or business email address.
  • Please note that if you send a PDF to your personal email account rather than a third-party, the transcript will not be acceptable as an "official" version.

Employers can ask to confirm dates of attendance and degree classification of students/graduates by making a Third Party Verification request.

Can I have a copy of my transcript sent to myself?

We can send you a PDF or hard copy of your transcript. Please be aware that some employers or academic institutions do not accept transcripts that were delivered originally to the student, so please confirm with the recipient before sending a copy that was delivered to you. If you are a current student,  please use the Electronic Document Service to download a PDF version of your HEAR transcript.  Graduates should use the Alumni Portal.

I graduated from the University before 2012. How can I confirm whether you can provide me with an academic transcript?

If before making your request you wish to check whether we can provide you with an academic transcript, you can find information on the Student Administration Transcript Information page.

I was an exchange student. Can I get a transcript of the courses I took while at the university?

If you studied at the university since 2012 and have access to your university login details, please use the electronic documents service to access your transcript. You may place an order if you need a hard copy or were at the university before this period.

I withdrew from the university before achieving a degree. How do I get a transcript?

Please place an order using the academic transcript order form.


 Academic Transcript Order Form