Student Administration

Electronic Document Service

The University of Edinburgh Electronic Document Service delivers current students documents to their intended recipients in a secure electronic format from the student MyEd portal under My Student Record.

A link to an electronic copy of the selected document is automatically delivered to one or more specified email addresses as requested by the student.

Current Students

The following documents are currently available to students via the Electronic Document Service:

  • Council Tax Exemption Letter
  • Certificate of Matriculation
  • Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR): for Undergraduate and Taught Postgraduate students.
  • Academic Statement
  • Visiting Undergraduate Transcript
  • Bank Introduction Letter
  • Letter of Completion (Marking and Assessment Boycott) - now available for eligible students


Finding the Documents tab on MyEd

Student documents can be accessed on the Documents page in EUCLID student view or via MyEd --> Accounts --> My Student Record --> Documents (left hand navigation).

Access Electronic Documents via MyEd

3rd Party Recipients

When a student or graduate requests that we send you a document, you will receive an email from This email contains a secure link to a University of Edinburgh webpage where you can download the document from our server. The document is created from the Student Record at the time the student requests it.

Our service also provides a mechanism for Student Administration to fulfil requests for verified hard copies. Only students can request a copy of their record; we cannot fulfill any requests from third parties, even if you have a signed letter of consent from the student.