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Academic Statement Form

We recommend wherever possible that you forward, download or print an Academic Statement using the electronic documents service at MyEd --> Accounts --> My Student Record --> Documents.  Paper documents can be issued, but these take longer to provide than when they are requested in electronic format.

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An Academic Statement is an official record of a degree awarded by the University of Edinburgh and confirms the title of the degree awarded, year of graduation and class of Honours (if applicable). 

Who can use this form

  • Graduates from 2012 onwards can view, print and send their Academic Statement electronically via the Electronic Document Service. Use this form if you require a hard copy and cannot access your MyEd account.
  • Graduates prior to 2012 can use this form to request a PDF or hard copy of your Academic Statement.

Who should not use this form

Enter S1234567 if you cannot remember your matriculation number.