Student Administration

Certificate of Matriculation

Current Students: proof of student status

A Certificate of Matriculation provides proof that a student was matriculated for a particular academic session.

  • Certificates will only be produced if a student was fully matriculated for the relevant session
  • The following information is included on the certificate: Current and Previous Session(s); Personal Details: Name, Matric No.; Programme of Study details; Method of Study; and Programme start and (expected) end dates.
  • Certificates cannot be customised to include additional information.

Students who are currently matriculated for 2016/17 session can view, print and send their Certificate of Matriculation via the Electronic Document Service in MyED.

View/Print/Send Certificate of Matriculation

A paper copy can also be ordered. Certificates will be posted to eligible students within 10 working days of the request being received.Certificates can only be requested by the student concerned and not by third parties.