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Helping distressed students guide

The Helping distressed students guide is the central reference for staff seeking guidance on a range of student situations from mild to severe and where to seek support for the student and yourself.

The purpose of the guide is to help staff to:

  • recognise when a student may be in difficulty
  • understand how to respond/refer appropriately and effectively
  • be aware of sources of support within the University and outside it
  • raise awareness of issues relating to student mental health.

Many people experience emotional and psychological difficulties at some point in their lives. Usually these can be resolved by talking them through with family and friends. Sometimes professional help is needed. If you feel you need to, or are requested to give a student extra assistance, it is important to help within the boundaries of what you feel competent to do.

The guide contains:

  • process diagrams to guide you through various urgent and non-urgent situations
  • guidance on which University services to refer to and when
  • guidance on roles and responsibilities when supporting students
  • student and other support services.  

Helping distressed students | The University of Edinburgh

Student Counselling Service consultations

Staff concerned about a student in their care can also arrange a telephone consultation to talk it through with the Student Counselling Service.

Student Counselling Service staff consultation

Students seeking advice

Students seeking support for themselves or others can find information on what is available on the students health and wellbeing pages.

Students website health and wellbeing pages