Personal Tutors and Student Support Teams

Coursework extensions

Guidance for staff supporting students to make coursework extension applications.

In cases where unexpected short-term circumstances beyond a student’s control have impacted their ability to complete an assessment on time, a student may apply for a coursework extension. Detailed guidance about coursework extensions is provided in the University’s Taught Assessment Regulations ('Late submission of coursework'); this covers reasons likely and unlikely to be accepted and evidence requirements.

The decision about whether to offer an extension is made by the Course Organiser or Programme Director, but the process for applying may vary between Schools; if you need to help a student with an application, first check with your Teaching Office or equivalent for the specific process in your School.

Taught Assessment Regulations

Special circumstances and extensions

If a student has good reason for requiring an extension of more than seven days, they should submit the assignment when able to and then apply through Special Circumstances to request that the penalty for late submission be disregarded.

Special circumstances