Personal Tutors and Student Support Teams

Worried about a student?

Guidance and support for staff who have concerns about the mental wellbeing of a student.

Helping distressed students guide

The Helping distressed students guide is the central reference for staff seeking guidance on a range of student situations from mild to severe and where to seek support for the student and yourself.

Support for friends and families

Guidance for staff contacted by students, parents or carers, worried about a student’s mental wellbeing.

Additional support for students with long term mental health issues

Guidance for staff about students with long term mental ill-health and the mental health mentor service.

Peer Support for Students

Peer support initiatives are a helpful way for students to meet and make friends.

Support for study

The Support for Study policy is a supportive way of assisting the small number of students whose behaviour gives cause for concern. It offers an alternative to disciplinary action when a student’s behaviour may be affected by health conditions or disabilities.

Supporting students with mental health issues

Information for staff supporting students with mental health issues which are impacting their studies.