Leading the Way: Celebrating Coaches at the University of Edinburgh Sport

In celebration of UK Coaching Week, University of Edinburgh Sport and Edinburgh University Sports Union are highlighting the dedicated individuals who shape the success of athletes, teams, and clubs within the University of Edinburgh Sport community.

With over 370 coaches involved across 70 sports clubs this year, coaching plays a crucial role in shaping the experience and development of students in sports. Some are students starting on their coaching journey, while others have years of experience in coaching at the highest level.


Beyond skill enhancement, coaching plays a pivotal role in shaping holistic growth by instilling discipline, teamwork, and resilience. Their impact extends well beyond the pitch, pool, or court, influencing the personal growth of students.


Students represent 220 of the registered coaches, who are actively engaging in gaining hands-on experience while contributing to their respective clubs. The Sports Union has invested £5,000 this year in supporting coaches and officials to obtain additional qualifications, reflecting a strong commitment to their development and growth.


Taking on the role of a coach also has a variety of positive impacts on those who accept the responsibility. Coaching requires good leadership and decision-making skills, as well as confidence, creativity and planning. These skills and attributes combined help to improve the employability of students who take on coaching roles. Many students who come to university get involved in sports for the first time, and so the coach they have in their student club is possibly their first coaching experience. This makes it all the more important that time and resources are invested in improving the quality of coaching at Edinburgh, to ensure that students participating in sport have the best possible experience.


Through the University's performance programme many athletes are supported by experienced performance coaches who have coached and often performed at the highest level. The level of knowledge and expertise they provide not only supports elite athletes in their sports, but provides an opportunity for student and volunteer coaches to develop their own skills and learn from and be inspired by the performance coaches. 


Ultimately, coaching equips students with life skills that transcend sports, preparing them for future challenges and successes. It fosters a spirit of perseverance and determination that becomes a foundation for their future endeavours, both on and off the field.


Coaches are celebrated at the annual Blues and Colours Awards evening where Student Coach and Coach of the Year awards are presented. Soon this year’s shortlist will be announced, the awards recognise the commitment of the coach, their contribution to raising the standards, ability to motivate members and, enhance the sporting experience.

2022/23 Student Coach and Coach of the Year Awardees


Hannah Campbell of the Triathlon Club - Ewan Malcolm Student Coach of the Year

Hannah is a true example of going above and beyond coaching the Triathlon Club over 4 years, as a level 2 qualified coach. She also worked to ensure others could gain coaching qualifications contacting Scottish Triathlon to set up an opportunity that successfully saw 15 club members through their level 1 and 5 members through their level 2 qualifications.


Bruce Flockhart of the Badminton Club - Coach of the Year, presented by Technogym

With the highest coaching qualification in badminton, international playing experience and over 20 years of coaching experience Bruce’s impact on the Badminton team’s performance has seen outstanding achievements. Bruce coaches the club alongside his full-time job and other coaching commitments and has gone above and beyond in creating individualised training plans for players and supporting them at competitions.