Volunteer Zambia

Making a difference to the lives of young Zambian people through the power of sport.

About The Wallace Group and Volunteer Zambia

The Wallace Group is a partnership, created in 2006 by several leading UK Universities to support sports development for young people in Zambia. The partnership's mission is to make a difference to the lives of young Zambian people by empowering and enriching communities, through the power of sport, leadership and education. 

This project involves upskilling and educating coaches, rather than teaching the sport. This empowers the local coaches to go out into their communities and deliver higher quality coaching sessions across Lusaka and further afield. 

The 2023 Cohort

There are three University of Edinburgh students taking part in the Volunteer Zambia project this summer. Heather Larmour (Netball) and Kathryn Nicol (Basketball) will deliver coach education while Telfer Gray will be in-country as a Communications and Marketing Officer.

The group have recently returned  from an induction weekend at University of Durham. The group had the opportunity to meet the other students and staff from around the UK who they will be spending 8 weeks with in Lusaka this summer, and absorb a vast amount of information about their role in Zambia and some of the cultural differences they will encounter.

Volunteer Zambia 2024

Applications are now open for the University of Edinburgh 2024 Student Cohort. Prior to applying, students should be aware that being part of Volunteer Zambia is a big commitment. It is hard work, time-consuming, and requires a full 12 months of commitment to the project. However, taking part in the project is massively rewarding and you will experience a huge amount of personal and professional growth.

The commitment includes:

  • Attend a Scottish induction in late-January (travel expenses covered)
  • Attend full induction in Durham (travel expenses and accommodation will be covered)
  • Individual and group fundraising targets
  • Undertake additional training, with support from the SU, to upskill yourself
  • Represent the University of Edinburgh in line with the values of Sport & Exercise and the Sports Union

For more information you can view the role descriptor or contact Neil Rankin

Apply for the 2024 Cohort (external site)

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