Sports Union club committee members complete Edinburgh Award

Thirty two students taking part in the 2022/23 Edinburgh University Sports Union Edinburgh Awards have completed their programmes.

About the Award

The Edinburgh Award is a University programme that students can undertake alongside a particular activity. It supports, recognises and rewards students who have been actively involved in contributing at the University, have been intentional about their personal development and are able to translate their learning and skills to different contexts. 

The Edinburgh Award challenges students to develop their skills throughout the year while equipping them with the tools to make the biggest impact in their first steps into the job market.

Group of students gathered together for a photo

Sports Union Edinburgh Awards

Edinburgh University Sports Union currently offers two Edinburgh Award Groups, Volunteer and Leadership.

The Volunteer cohort is designed for anyone who is currently in a committee position with one of the Sport Union’s member clubs. The programme challenges participants to understand their strengths and areas for development.

The leadership cohort is targeted at those who have participated in the Volunteer programme previously. It provides further opportunities and training in mentoring and leadership, and also requires participants to undertake further CPD (Continued Personal Development). This smaller cohort also receive on-going support from the Sports Union in their development.


The Edinburgh Award empowers students to take ownership over their personal development, and this years cohorts of the Sports Unions Awards have come from a diverse variety of clubs and committee roles. Through the EA students learn to showcase the transferable skills they develop through participating in sport. As a result of their volunteering they are a dedicated group who now have a better understanding of their own skill-set and how to be proactive in personal development.

Neil Rankin Edinburgh University Sports Union, Sports Coordinator (Volunteering & Participation)

The benefits

The Award recognises students taking part in non-academic activities while studying at the University. It also encourages students to reflect on, and develop, the skills that can be gained through taking part in activities outwith their degree. The experience of taking part in these activities combined with the ability to reflect on and actively develop their skills stands the participants in good stead for the future, whatever that may be.

Students who have been awarded the Edinburgh Award have an entry on their HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Report), an expanded record of achievement at University, to demonstrate their commitment to personal development to future employers.

2022/23 cohort

This year 32 students, from 26 clubs, have completed the award programmes which this year focused on Time Management, Decision Making, Marketing, Networking and Written/Oral Communication.

The Edinburgh Award has given me a valuable opportunity to reflect on the capacities I have built throughout my engagement with sport at the university. It has also supported the development of new skills and has enhanced the confidence I have in my abilities as I move into world after my degree.

Georgia HaynesPresident of Edinburgh University Fencing Club

The Edinburgh Award has been a very valuable experience. It has given me more confidence in my abilities and I have learnt new things about myself in the process. The Edinburgh Award has taught me how to highlight my experience as a sportsperson at university for future job applications and interviews, and it has helped me to achieve personal goals in sport.

Elizabeth MuseSecretary of Edinburgh University Futsal Club

Congratulations to all those who have participated this year.

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