University students to compete in the Erasmus Games

From the 18 to 21 May, three students from The University of Edinburgh will compete in the International Erasmus Games in Madrid, Spain. They will join students from across the world competing in futsal, basketball (3x3), volleyball and athletics.

About the games

The International Erasmus Games (IEG) are a pan European health and well-being initiative of Erasmus Student Network. The event unites exchange students from all over Europe in an effort to promote sports as a universal language which is understood by everyone. The Games break down barriers which separate the local and international communities of Europe and bring together people from all backgrounds, nationalities and age groups under the motto of healthy competition.

Representing the UK

This year three students from The University of Edinburgh will compete in the games for the UK delegation, supported by Edinburgh University Sports Union,  Erasmus Student Network Edinburgh and Erasmus Student Network UK. These students have also participated in the International Sports Club, where our international community are able to come together and try different sports while meeting new people and having fun.

The three students representing the University of Edinburgh are;

  • Chizua Agupusi, a third year Mechanical Engineering student from USA
  • Ikhwan Pathulmen, a second year Computer Science student from Malaysia
  • Sophia Hildebrand, a second year Physics student from USA

Erasmus Student Network Edinburgh brings students together and promotes cross-cultural exchange through facilitating opportunities to experience Scotland and its culture. They encourage integration of home and international students through cultural diplomacy and shared experiences and are dedicated to providing the best overall experiences especially for international and exchange students. Open to all students at the University of Edinburgh, Erasmus Student Network Edinburgh are passionate about creating a safe and comfortable environment with events consisting of coffee evenings, parties, trips, and projects.

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