2023/24 Sport Scholar Athletes Announced

This year The University of Edinburgh Sport is proud to be supporting 22 talented athletes across a wide range of sports through the Sport Scholar programme.

The University of Edinburgh Sport Scholar programme has a commitment to the development of Performance Sport and offers essential sporting and academic support for student athletes who are committed to succeeding on the international stage.

Enabling Excellence

The Sport Scholar programme at the University of Edinburgh offers a comprehensive range of support services to elite athletes, including supervised strength and conditioning guidance from experienced coaches, access to state-of-the-art gym facilities, academic assistance with flexible scheduling, accommodation support, performance lifestyle guidance, mental skills coaching, nutritional advice, access to the FASIC Sport & Exercise Medicine Clinic, and various athlete education sessions covering topics such as anti-doping and career development.

The programme also maintains close ties with Scotland's elite sport network, including the Scottish Institute of Sport and National Governing Bodies. This partnership ensures that Sport Scholars have access to additional resources and expertise needed to excel in their sports while pursuing their academic goals.

Extraordinary Students

The 2023/24 cohort features athletes from The College of Science & Engineering, College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine and The College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences who compete across 14 different sports at international standard. Among these extraordinary athletes, seven have competed on the international stage at The Commonwealth Games. Their unwavering commitment to their sports is evident in their impressive track record, with each of the 22 athletes proudly representing their countries in international competitions. Many of these athletes have clinched championship titles, demonstrating their dedication and excellence in their respective disciplines. Their dedication extends to the university level, where they have proudly represented the University of Edinburgh at British Universities & Colleges sport events, often claiming medals that further exemplify their outstanding skills and determination.


2023/24 Sport Scholars

The College of Science & Engineering

From Left to Right: Alyson Bell, Fiona Bunn, Liam Edwards
Alyson Bell            Biological Sciences  Athletics 100m/200m/Relay
Isla Bethune BioChemistry Kayaking
Fiona Bunn PhD Biological Sciences Orienteering
Liam Edwards            Mechanical Engineering                                     Triathlon                                         
Ellen Gillespie Medicinal & Biological Chemistry Diving
Danny Mabbott Chemical Engineering Diving


The College of Arts Humanities & Social Sciences

Image left to right: Oliver Short, Adam Hamill, Lucy Evans, Lucy Murchie, Isla Hedley, Megan Keith
Lucy Evans Applied Sport Science Air Pistol Shooting
Adam Hamill Applied Sport Science Karate
Megan Keith Applied Sport Science Athletics/Cross-country
Angus Menmuir Applied Sport Science Diving
Lucy Murchie Applied Sport Science Squash
Grace Reid Applied Sport Science Diving
Scarlett Gammell Textiles (ECA) Athletics Sprint Hurdling
Isla Hedley Landscape Architecture (ECA) Triathlon/Mountain Biking
Kirsty Marsh Diploma in Professional Legal Practice Judo
Oliver Short Economics Judo


College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine

From Left to Right: Isla Britton, Amelia Tyler, Ellie Russell
Alexandra Armstrong            Medicine                                                                                                   Kayaking Sprint                                                
Clara Kerr Medicine Diving
Ellie Russell Biomedical Sciences Gymnastics
Amelia Tyler Biomedical Sciences Cycling
Isla Britton Medical Sciences Triathlon
Anna McGorum Begara Veterinary Medicine Cross Country Mountain Biking


These student athletes serve as shining examples of what can be accomplished through hard work, dedication, and a passion for both academics and sport. You can find more information about individual athletes on our 23/24 Sport Scholars webpage. 

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