IM Season Round Up 2023/24

The Intramural Sports league season has come to an end, and it has been a record-breaking year

intramural teams playing netball outside

We started the year by welcoming two new sports, table tennis, and volleyball, into the programme, broadening the opportunities for participation. There has been an impressive 192 team entries, across nine sports, this is a 31% increase from the previous year signifying the growth of the programme.

Excitingly, school representation grew this year with 60 different teams (a 58% increase on the previous year) from 19 schools taking part. This highlights the rewards of the continued collaboration between the Sports Union and academic schools.

It has been a jam-packed calendar this year with over 80 weekly fixtures and a total of more than 1800 fixtures over this academic year.

A highlight of the IM season is All Stars which brings together the best players across the Intramural teams to play against the club teams in an exciting day of sport. In a very close set of matches, the clubs emerged victorious by a narrow margin of 6-5, showcasing the competitiveness and talent within our community.

Intramural teams playing football

To close the league sports season, we introduced end of season cups, adding an extra layer of excitement and anticipation to the competition.

As we reflect on the season, we recognise our student volunteers and staff, whose dedication and passion has been instrumental in enhancing the quality of Intramural sports experience at UoE.

“The IM league is a great place to play against opponents of all levels and is a fun way to build confidence as a squash player in a competitive but friendly environment. As a new team this year we got to play some very talented teams thanks in no small part to the efforts from our IM Officer and the IM team.” - Shrey Bhardwaj, Informatics Squash

“It’s been such a great IM season for all the teams, I am excited to keep up with how next year goes” - Izzy Taylor, History Girls Netball

Intramural basketball teams playing a game

2023/24 Intramural League Winners

Football 11’s

Wednesday league - Engineering

Saturday league - EUAFC 5

Sunday league - Southside AFC

Men’s Football 5’s

Tuesday 5s - 5 and a side of chips

Wednesday 5s - Unathletico Madrid

Friday 5s - Tollcross Athletic

Women’s Football 5’s

Saturday 5s - The Blueberries


History Girls


Medics Hockey 1


Engineers RFC


Serving it Hot



Table Tennis





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