Scientists take steps to tackle women’s rugby injuries head on

Injury prevention measures designed to boost male rugby players’ resilience are to be reassessed so they can better support the women’s game.

Sports medicine experts hope to fine tune the Activate programme – adopted by rugby union’s ruling body – to help female players avoid injury and recuperate more quickly.

Researchers from the Universities of Edinburgh and Bath and Cardiff Metropolitan University will seek to reduce the rate of injuries, and their impact on players. 

Researchers are mapping the frequency and seriousness of injuries – including concussion – that occur in women’s matches and training sessions in teams across Scotland, England, and Wales.

During the two–year study funded by World Rugby, the team will implement, evaluate and adapt the Activate programme specifically to women players.

While injury risk differs between males and females; it is also likely that female athletes may respond to prevention initiatives differently. Hence it is important that injury prevention strategies are implemented and objectively evaluated in female cohorts, to reduce injuries and protect athlete health.

Dr Debbie Palmer Co-Director of the  University of Edinburgh – University of Bath IOC Research Centre

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Scientists take steps to tackle women’s rugby injuries head on | University of Edinburgh news

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Photo by Oliver Rossi via Getty Images