Sports Clubs call Full-Time on Initiations

University of Edinburgh sports clubs will once again participate in the #FullTimeonInitiations campaign, outlining their stance of making sport at Edinburgh safe, fun, and inclusive.

It is widely acknowledged that sport and physical activity play an important role in students having a positive experience in their time at university. Edinburgh University Sports Union wants to ensure everyone that participates in club and recreational sport is able to do so in a safe and fun environment. Prospective and returning students want to participate in sport knowing that they have the freedom to do so without fear of hazing and negative group behaviour.  

The Sports Union’s Alcohol & Initiations policy clearly states that ‘initiations are not permitted by any SU Club’. While there is a recognition that alcohol forms a part of the student experience for many who come to University of Edinburgh, it should neither be forced nor encouraged to those that do not want to participate.

Success in 2022

Last year Edinburgh, alongside other universities across Scotland, participated in a successful campaign to discourage negative group behaviour within the sport club environment. Clubs took to social media to showcase their stance on the outdated and irrelevant traditions that are often associated with student sport.

As part of last years campaign, clubs were encouraged to deliver a wide variety of social events in order to welcome new and returning club members in a way that reflects the values of Sport at Edinburgh. Clubs enjoyed making the most of Edinburgh's outdoor space including Arthurs Seat walks and BBQ’s at Portobello Beach, as well as scavenger hunts around the city centre.

#FullTimeonInitiations in 2023

This year clubs are being encouraged to continue the trend of offering alcohol-free alternatives and eradicating any form of behaviour that makes others feel unwelcome. The Sports Union will relaunch the campaign along with all sports clubs as we welcome students back to Edinburgh this year encouraging and promoting #SoberSocials throughout Welcome Week and the first few weeks of the semester.

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