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Carer & Child Room - Main Library

Information on the Carer & Child Room at The Main Library. How to access the space and what it can offer you.


Who is this space for?

The Carer and Child Room has been designed for library users accompanied by their children. The room has been set up to support both independent study and collaborative work, while children can learn and play in a dedicated section of the room. Following registration, the room can be used during normal Main Library opening hours. Users are required to sign in and out when entering and exiting the library whenever making use of the Carer and Child Room. The room is exclusively available to users accompanied by children.

Registering for access

The room can only be used on the completion of the induction form, which is available at the Main Library reception.

Users will be required to sign and return a confirmation slip and email it to and request access permissions be added to your University card.


  • Capacity is 14 persons maximum. Beyond these numbers, staff may refuse access.
  • Three working tables with desktop small power and WiFi for parents.
  • Child’s corner with a children’s tables, chairs, and soft seating.
  • The room is designed primarily for children aged 0 to 8 years, but older children (including teens) are welcome.
  • 2 x bottle warming stations.
  • 2 x modesty screens for anyone wishing some privacy while feeding or breastfeeding. 
  • A nappy changing table is available in the adjacent accessible toilet facilities.

How to Access

This room is located in the Central Campus, Main Library, 30 George Square. Please see on Campus maps | The University of Edinburgh

You can use the room during normal opening hours of the Main Library.

Access is restricted to ensure this space is available only to users accompanied by children.

This room can be used without prior notice once this document has been read and understood, door access has been added to your University card permissions, and an induction form completed.

Responsibilities of users

  • The adult remains responsible and liable for care and supervision for the child under their care at all times.
  • An induction form for using the room must be completed before first visit.
  • Children must not be left unattended.
  • In order to have a record of children in the builing in case of emergency evacuation, the parent or carer must sign-in with their child on entry to the Library, and must sign-out when leaving the Library.
  • It is required that students with children use the lifts to access and exit upper floors.
  • The room must not knowingly be used by anyone suffering from contagious diseases or from acute feverish illnesses e.g., norovirus, chicken pox, mumps, measles, rubella, scarlet fever, corona virus (COVID)
  • If you, or your child cannot self-evacuate in the event of an emergency, please contact to arrange for a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) to be created. Please be aware that you may be placing your and the child’s safety at-risk by using a building without a PEEP in place.
  • For the safety of children, the University Regulations do not permit a child to use any library equipment, including computing equipment, nor to use any device on the University wireless network.
  • Reservations are not currently possible and this facility is on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Adults are responsible for taking care of the furnishings and equipment used by children accompanying them.
  • No objects are to be removed from this room.
  • The room should be in a clean and usable condition after use.
  • All Library Regulations must be complied with. Users have the right to privacy while they work. We may be unable to offer space for filming and photography where it would be disruptive for our users. All requests for filming and photography in the Main Library and other Study Centres must be approved in advance. For these requests please contact:
  • Please make suggestions for improvement or any defects at the reception desk on the ground floor so that we can constantly improve this offer.

Contact information


Cleaning request: 0131 650 8382