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Study spaces and ‘noisy zones’

Students are welcome to watch online lectures in any of our study spaces. If you do need to ask questions while participating in online lectures please use one of our designated ‘noisy zones’ listed below, to reduce disruption to other students.

Library Noisy Spaces (for online lectures) Location(s) Notes Other Spaces  Total
Law 69 Lower Ground LG.01, LG.02, LG.03, LG.04 39 PCs 165


Moray House (Dalhousie Land) 33 2nd Floor Mezzanine 14 PCs 120 153
Royal Infirmary (Chancellor’s Building) 57 2nd Floor 47 PCs 76 133


Study Centre Noisy Spaces (for online lectures) Location(s) Notes Other Spaces Total
Hugh Robson Building Basement 216 Lower Access open access computer areas A and B 194 PCs 0 216
Murchison House 102 Lower Ground LG.12 102 PCs 186 188
Study Hub at 40 George Square 156 40 George Square, Ground Floor and First Floor No PCs 24 180

To find a full list of our study spaces please visit the main Study Spaces Guidance page.