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Booking Form - An in-detail guide

Study Desk Booking System User Guide

Overview of the System

 In response to students’ requests limited bookable study spaces are located within the reading rooms on Floor 5 (silent/PG areas) of the Main Library.

  • There are 65 bookable spaces available to PG Students only, in the Red zone on the 5th Floor, and 104 bookable spaces available to all Students in the Blue zone on the 5th Floor
  • Each student will have a quota of 12 hours a week, however bookings made the same day will not count towards this quota.
  • Bookings can be created and managed using an online webform or the University SeatEd@UoE mobile App.
  • The webform has also been designed to work well on a mobile screen
  • When you arrive at your pre-booked desk you must check-in:
    • Each desk has a special label with QR code you can ONLY scan with the SeatEd App, and a unique name, positioned below the QR code, that you enter on the webform (see the Example Desk Label below).
  • When you leave the desk you must check-out, again using the webform or SeatEd App.
  • The system verifies that you can use the desk and logs your check-in and check-out


Book a Study Space

Create a New Booking

Find Available Desks

Manage Existing Bookings

Simple Rules 

  • You must always check-in to a desk you are about to use and always check-out when you are finished

  • Do not arrive at a desk before the start time of your booking – you cannot check-in until your booking starts

  • If you know you are not going to be able to use your desk booking, please cancel it in advance – this enables someone else to make use of the desk, and enables you to make another alternate booking

  • Please pack up and leave your desk a minute or two before the end of your booking so that the next person to use the desk can safely start their booking on time

  • Ensure you abide by any desk cleaning protocol that may be in place at the desk location

  • Note that you cannot be checked-in to more than one desk at a time – you must checkout when you are leaving a desk

  • Note that Silent desks are reserved for Research Postgraduate student use only – do not book these if you are not a Research Postgraduate student.

  • Do not cover the desk label or place things on it – this will help preserve the lifetime of the label

  • Do not scan the QR code with anything other than the University SeatEd App – this is available from Google and Apple app stores – you can also use the mobile friendly webform at:
  • If you have any technical problems with the system, please contact 

Why do we need a Study Desk Booking System?

  • Study spaces have always been in high demand at the University 

  • A booking system for study spaces has been considered to mediate demand fairly for the student population

  • We hope you find the system useful and welcome your feedback. Please email us at with any comments.