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SeatEd App User Guide

A guide for the SeatEd study spaces booking app.

Overview of the System....

Screenshot of Desk Label - Study Space
  • There are Study Desks across the University that you must pre-book in order to use them.
  • Bookings can be created and managed using an online webform at: or the University SeatEd @ UoE mobile App.
  • When you arrive at your pre-booked desk you must check-in
  • Each desk has a special label with QR code you can (only) scan with the SeatEd App, and a unique name, positioned below the QR code, that you enter on the webform
    •  [ an example desk label is shown opposite ]
  • When you leave the desk you must check-out, again using the webform or SeatEd App.
  • The system verifies that you can use the desk and logs your check-in and check-out.  




Install the SeatEd app

Download on App Store

The official name of the SeatEd app is:


SeatEd  @ UoE


Download on Google Play

You can find the app in Apple's App Store and the Google Play Store.


Some Simple Rules

  • You must always check-in to a desk you are about to use and always check-out when you are finished.

  • Do not arrive at a desk before the start time of your booking – you cannot check-in until your booking starts.

  • If you know you are not going to be able to use your desk booking, please cancel it in advance – this enables someone else to make use of the desk, and enables you to make another alternate booking.

  • Please pack up and leave your desk a minute or two before the end of your booking so that the next person to use the desk can safely start their booking on time.

  • Ensure you abide by any desk cleaning protocol that may be in place at the desk location.

  • Note that you cannot be checked-in to more than one desk at a time – you must checkout when you are leaving a desk.

  • Note that Silent desks are reserved for Postgraduate student use only – do not book these if you are not a Postgrad.

  • Do not cover the desk label or place things on it – this will help preserve the lifetime of the label.

  • Do not scan the QR code with anything other than the University SeatEd App.


Why do we need a Study Space Booking System?

  • Study spaces have always been in high demand at the University.

  • A booking system for study spaces has been considered to mediate demand fairly for the student population.

Impacts of COVID-19 (a rapidly evolving situation)

  • The quantity of study spaces / desks at the University is much reduced to around 20-25%, because of the 2m social distancing requirement.

  • A Study Space Booking System can contribute to supporting safe working arrangements for students and staff at the University.

Coming Next

  • Over time the number of bookable study spaces will be increased and be available at more sites across the University.

  • We hope you find the system useful and welcome your feedback. Please email us at with any comments.