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Study Space

Due to the current COVID restrictions and Scottish Government guidelines we have limited available study space on campus. Please refer to Study space restrictions for the latest information.

Study Space Restrictions, Guidance and Support - Semester 2, 2021

The Quota for Study Desk bookings has been temporarily increased to 30 hours per week. However, with this increase in Quota comes an increased responsibility to only make bookings you know you are going to be able to attend - Study Desk facilities are a limited resource. We continue to see issues with people making Study Desk booking and not attending them and not cancelling them. If you do not cancel a booking well in advance, then it prevents another student from being able to reuse that booking slot for that desk. On the day bookings will these no longer contribute towards a student's 30 hour allocation.

SeatEd App User Guide

A guide for the SeatEd study spaces booking app.

Booking Form - An in-detail guide

Study Desk Booking System User Guide

Accessible study space

There are accessible study rooms available in the Main Library and at Kings Buildings. These areas are allocated to students who require additional learning support or the use of assistive technology. Accessible PCs are available across campus.

Postgraduate study space

There is a dedicated area for Postgraduate study on Floor 5 of the Main Library.

Fire safety

Information on what to do in the event of a fire in University buildings.

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