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Study Space

A wide range of study space is available across campus. Find a study space to suit your needs.

Central Area - Study Space map

The map shows study spaces in relation to the Main Library in the Central Area.

Study desk availability

Live data indicating the number of study desks currently available for use in the Main Library, Lower Ground Floor.

Library study space

There is a wide variety of study space available for students in all of the University’s libraries. Students are free to use any site library regardless of their discipline. Available study space in libraries across campus is described on this page.

Study space with computers

A range of study space with computers and computing equipment is available across the University campus. Real time availability information helps you find a free computer.

Group study space

Study space for groups is available in the Main Library, at King’s Buildings and in teaching rooms across the campus. Some rooms can be booked in advance.

Quiet & silent study

There is an expectation that the level of noise in study spaces in the libraries will be kept to a minimum. However, there are a number of areas around the University which have been specifically designated as quiet or silent. Signage indicates if an area has been designated ‘quiet’ or silent’. Please respect your fellow students and move elsewhere if you want to chat.

Accessible study space

There are accessible study rooms available in the Main Library and at Kings Buildings. These areas are allocated to students who require additional learning support or the use of assistive technology. Accessible PCs are available across campus.

Postgraduate study space

There is a dedicated area for Postgraduate study on Floor 5 of the Main Library.

Fire safety

Information on what to do in the event of a fire in University buildings.

Space occupancy monitoring

Space occupancy monitoring is currently operating on the Main Library Lower Ground Floor.

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