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Study Space

We are pleased to report that following the Scottish Government announcement on the 9th of August 2021 we are able to lift most of the restrictions on study spaces from the 30th August 2021.

Study Space, Guidance and Support - 2022/23

A guide to using University study spaces.

Study spaces and ‘noisy zones’

Students are welcome to watch online lectures in any of our study spaces. If you do need to ask questions while participating in online lectures please use one of our designated ‘noisy zones’ listed below, to reduce disruption to other students.

Study Spaces Local to Schools and Colleges

We are pleased to report that locally managed study spaces are gradually reopening throughout many of the University's schools and colleges. The current list of available spaces is detailed below, and this list will be continually updated as more space become available.

SeatEd App User Guide

A guide for the SeatEd study spaces app.

Booking Form - An in-detail guide

Study Desk Booking System User Guide

Group study space

We are pleased to inform that students can book group study space in the Main Library in George Square, Noreen and Kenneth Murray Library at Kings Buildings, Law Library Old College and Moray House Library. Students can now also use spare general teaching room capacity to support either individual study or group and peer study (up to a maximum of 10) to engage with online teaching which is scheduled back to back with in-person teaching.

Library study space

There is a wide variety of study space available for students in all of the University’s libraries. Students are free to use any site library regardless of their discipline. Available study space in libraries across campus is described on this page.

Accessible study space

There are accessible study rooms available in the Main Library and at Kings Buildings. These areas are allocated to students who require additional learning support or the use of assistive technology. Accessible PCs are available across campus.

Postgraduate study space

There is a dedicated area for Postgraduate study on Floor 5 of the Main Library. These spaces must be booked via the Study Spaces App in advance and are available to postgraduate students only.

Temporary Study Break scheme Main Library 1st Floor and Law Library

We are introducing to the Main Library 1st Floor and to the Law Library a temporary Study Break scheme to help students occupying a study space to identify when they are taking a legitimate break, and by freeing up study spaces by moving items aside at other times.

Fire safety

Information on what to do in the event of a fire in University buildings.

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