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Library study space

There is a wide variety of study space available for students in all of the University’s libraries. Students are free to use any site library regardless of their discipline. Available study space in libraries across campus is described on this page.

Library Study

Alternative Study Space during the Festival  ​​​​​

Noise arising from the Festival events in August may at times be disturbing to study in the Main Library: we apologise for any inconvenience caused. Alternative study space in the central area is provided at a range of locations, including the Hugh Robson Building Lower Ground Floor main open access computer room, available afternoons/evenings/weekends; please note that access is by University card and PIN (see your PIN on the MyEd Card PIN channel).  Please see the ISG Interactive study spaces map for details

Main Library

Study space with computers

The Main Library provides 616 computers for study. This includes Quick Use PCs available for 15 minute sessions on the ground floor and 28 PCs located in the Library Café. A plasma screen on the ground floor of the Main Library displays real time PC availability on each floor. You can also check this online.

Group study space

Study Pods

Study pods are available for group study in the Main Library. Pods are designed for groups to meet and discuss their ideas and to work on presentations. The pods are equipped with a PC, plasma screen, headphone sockets and a whiteboard.

Pods can't be booked - they are available on a first come, first served basis and should only be used by groups of three or more.

There are 30 Main Library group study pods:

  • 18 on the Ground Floor and
  • 12 on Floor 1
Group study rooms

There are 7 group study rooms on the Lower Ground Floor which can be booked online via MyEd. The rooms are for groups of up to 4 or 6 students depending on the room and are equipped with a PC, screen and whiteboard.

Booking study rooms via MyEd

Quiet and silent study space

  • Floors 1 - 4 and the Lower Ground Floor of the Main Library are designated quiet study. 
  • Floor 5 of the Main Library is a silent study area. Please note this area has no PCs, however, there are floor points where laptops can be connected.

Accessible study

There are 15 accessible study rooms on Floor 1 of the Main Library. Access to rooms with assistive technology should be arranged with the Student Disability Service.

Postgraduate study

There is a dedicated area for Postgraduate study on Floor 5 of the Main Library.

Floor 5 of the Main Library is a designated silent area. Please note there are no PCs but laptops and tablets may be used.

Edinburgh College of Art Library

Library study space

ECA Library has a total of 57 permanent study spaces at desks and tables and informal, soft seating for a further 32 people.

Study space with computers

There are 11 open access Windows PCs in the library: 9 on the ground floor (Level 0) and 2 near the library entrance on the 1st floor (Level 1).

Group study

There are no facilities for group study.

Quiet and silent study

The ground floor of the library is designated for silent study: this comprises 45 study spaces and 15 easy chairs for informal study.  Quiet study space can be found at the rear of the 1st floor.

Accessible study space

There is an accessible PC workstation with adjustable height desk and assistive software on the 1st floor of the library, opposite the Helpdesk.  There is also an adjustable height desk at the rear of the 1st floor.

Access restrictions

Please note there is restricted access to the building after 4.45pm weekdays and all day at weekends; please see the ECA Library webpage for more details:

Lady Smith of Kelvin Veterinary Library

The library is a quiet study space with 97 study spaces at desks, most of which have power sockets, and 10 easy chairs. Some network sockets are available, and there is wireless access throughout the library. There are 6 open access computers, and 2 computers managed by the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine. The library has a colour copier/printer. There is a also dedicated Quiet Study Space at the back of the Vet Library which can accommodate 44 students.

Law Library

The Law Library has 192 spaces. There are 25 desktop computers (including 1 Accessible work station).

The Law Library is a silent study space.

Due to fire evacuation procedures there is no access for wheelchair users or those unable to evacuate using stairs in an emergency.

Moray House Library

Moray House Library has 139 study spaces for students.

Silent study

The whole Library (with the exception of the Study Rooms) is designated as individual, silent study.

Study space with computers:

  • 64 open access PCs plus 2 study room PCs
  • 63 workspaces within reach of power sockets. Wireless access is available.
  • 3 cloud mono printers, 1 cloud colour printer

Group study

There are two group study rooms on the 2nd floor balcony. The rooms each seat 8 people and are equipped with PCs. Group study rooms at Moray House Library can be booked via MyEd. The rooms can be found under the Building name, 'Dalhousie Land'.

Accessible study space

There is one accessible PC and associated equipment on the 1st floor. Wheelchair users and persons with restricted mobility that are not covered by Personal Evacuation Plan are restricted to the 1st floor.

New College Library

Quiet and silent study

  • New College Library Hall is a designated silent study area. There are 99 reader spaces, most with sockets for laptop and wireless access.
  • Funk Reading Room is a silent study room with 6 dedicated spaces for users of New College Library Special Collections. Dedicated lockers for personal belongings are also available.
  • David Welsh Reading Room is a quiet study room with 24 reader spaces with sockets for laptop and wireless access.

Study space with computers

There are no open access lab PCs. However, most reader spaces are equipped with power points and wireless is available.

Accessible study

  • 1 PC available with assistive technology and scanner
  • 2 adjustable height desks

At present due to fire evacuation procedures there is no access for wheelchair users or those unable to evacuate using stairs in an emergency.

We will ensure users have access to the same services by making adjustments such as having books moved elsewhere.

Noreen and Kenneth Murray Library at King's Buildings

Murray Library study space

Ground floor

There are 8 PCSs located in the café area , 2 group study rooms (capacity of 6 each) and 20 seats situated around 3 clusters of tables.

First floor

The 1st floor is for group and conversational study with 36 study spaces including 18 with open access computers, 4 with quick use computers, 1 Accessible computer and 3 uCreate computers. There are two accessible study rooms and casual seating for approximately 26 people.

Second floor

The 2nd floor is for quiet study. There are 39 study spaces including 11 with open access computers, 2 group study rooms (capacity of 6 each).

Third floor

The 3rd floor is for silent study and has 35 study spaces plus 3 group study rooms (capacity of 6 each).

Group study

Study rooms in the Noreen and Kenneth Murray Library are bookable online via MyEd.

Other study space at King's Buildings

There are almost 1400 spaces (over 500 with computers) at King's Buildings.

Royal Infirmary Library

The library is for quiet study with 154 study spaces. 76 of these spaces are in the second floor computer suite. There are 4 open access computers on the first floor. Power sockets are available as well as wireless access. The library has a colour copier/printer.

The Western General Hospital Library

The library is a quiet study space with 35 spaces with 8 open access computers and 2 individual silent study rooms. There are 9 power sockets available, and wireless access. The library has a colour copier/printer.

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