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Inaugural Cameron Cup: Post-match analysis

This just in from Dr Julius Ruiz on the Inaugural Cameron Cup action.

HCA Victorian football teams
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Despite the inclement weather, the plucky heroes of Newton Leith and Lister City took the field determined to put on a good show. Both captains reminded their troops that the honour and prestige of the School of History, Classics and Archaeology was at stake, and the game was conducted in a thoroughly sporting and gentlemanly manner.

Lister City started off briskly, taking a quick 3-0 lead, but Newton Leith were never disheartened, remembering that at times in the recent war on the Crimean peninsula, our glorious regiments faced similar reverses and yet still prevailed. Both sides displayed some incredible dribbling, as befitting undergraduates from this ancient institution. Yet despite the defiant  cries of Newton Leith captain Jono Gray, Lister City imposed their authority on the game, and had established a comfortable lead at half-time.

The break saw some changes in the teams, as unfortunately Fergus from Lister City had to depart for luncheon, wishing the best of sporting luck to both sides. At the start of the second half, Newton Leith's thin red line was quickly breached again despite the gallant efforts of Jono Gray and his warriors. Controversially, Lister City's captain Oscar Silver then began to question the referee's offside decisions, leading to a sharp and justified rebuke from the official. Fortunately, this sad outbreak of professionalism was short-lived, and both teams exchanged goals, although ultimately Lister City triumphed 10-3. Nevertheless, the result itself was secondary to the ethos in which the game was played.

As the winning captain observed on receiving the Cameron Cup: 'Although Professor Ewen Cameron was unable to attend today's match, we hope we did him proud. His ideals of fairness, decency, diversity and co-operation were in evidence this afternoon. If the School of History, Classics and Archaeology were to last a thousand years, people will say that this game is its finest hour'.

Wise words from Mr Oscar Silver, Esq.