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Medieval History seminars take place throughout the academic year and are open to staff, students and the general public.

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Semester 2 2023/24

Date Speaker Topic
Tue 23 Jan

Ian Forrest (University of Glasgow)

‘Not Quite Priests (and Not Quite Men?): Gender and Authority at the Fringes of the Late Medieval Church’ (Co-Badged with Histories of Gender and Sexuality), Meadows Lecture Theatre,  5:15pm.

Thu 01 Feb Judith Jesch (University of Nottingham) ‘The Saga of the Earls of Orkney and Family Traditions in the Viking Diaspora’ (co-badged with the Scottish History Seminar). Seminar cancelled.
Mon 12 Feb Nina Rowe (Fordham University, NY) ‘Of Dancing and Dalliance in the Late Middle Ages: tannczen, helsen, kussen, vnd rawmen’ (International Center for Medieval Art Lecture). Hunter Building, Hunter Lecture Theatre (017), 5:15pm.
Wed 06 Mar Chris Wickham (University of Oxford) Book talk on "The Donkey and the Boat: Reinterpreting the Mediterranean Economy, 950–1180" (organised by the Edinburgh Centre of Global History), Chrystal Macmillan Building, Seminar Room 1, 4pm.
Thu 14 Mar Jackson Armstrong (University of Aberdeen) ‘“All thingis covntit”: Government and Accounting in Fifteenth-Century Burghs’ (co-badge with the Scottish History Seminar), Meadows Lecture Theatre,  5:15pm.
Tue 19 Mar Felicity Hill (St Andrews) ‘Ecclesiastical and Royal Mass Communication in Thirteenth-Century England: Who was Told What?’, Meadows Lecture Theatre,  5:15pm.
Thu 28 Mar Bill Aird (University of Edinburgh) '"Our lady, your sister, the queen": Edith-Matilda of Scotland, queen of England, 1100-1118 and her brothers, Edgar, Alexander I, and David I' (co-badged with the Scottish History Seminar), Meadows Lecture Theatre,  5:15pm
Tue 21 May Riccardo Zardin (University of Rome Tor Vergata) 'Rural Elites and Local Institutions in a Time of Change. Insights from the Lake Como Area, 11th-12th centuries', Meadows Lecture Theatre, 5:15pm

Semester 1 2023/24

Date Speaker Topic
Tue 3 Oct

Bastiaan Waagmeester (University of Tübingen)

‘Episcopal manuals and the ordering of knowledge in a post-Carolingian world’, LG.10, 40 George Square, 5:15pm

Wed 11 Oct Daniel Smail (Harvard University) ‘Slavery and the Pursuit of Freedom in Later Medieval Mediterranean Europe’ (Annual Lecture in the History of Slavery; co-badged with the Edinburgh Centre for Global History), Appleton Tower, Lecture Theatre 1, 5pm
Mon 30 Oct Luca Zenobi (HCA), Stephen Bowd (HCA), Lucinda Byatt (LLC), Isabella Lazzarini (University of Molise) ‘History From the Margins: A Panel Discussion and Book Launch of Luca Zenobi, Borders and the Politics of Space in Late Medieval Italy: Milan, Venice, and their Territories’, CMB Seminar Room 1, 4pm (co-badged with the History Department Seminar)
Thu 2 Nov Jenny McHugh (University of Lancaster) ‘Loyalty and Rebellion in Fourteenth-Century Scotland: An Examination of Allegiance via Oaths of ‘Fealty’ and Treason Trials’ (co-badged with the Scottish History seminar), LG.11, 40 George Square, 5:15pm
Thu 16 Nov Andy King (University of Southampton) ‘Edward, by the Grace of God, King of Scotland”: Perceptions of the Kingship of Edward Balliol, 1332-56’ (co-badged with the Scottish History seminar), LG.11, 40 George Square, 5:15pm
Tue 28 Nov Adam Cohen (Leverhulme Visiting Professor, University of Edinburgh)) ‘Making the Utrecht Psalter: Copying and Creativity in the Carolingian World’ (Leverhulme Lecture), Meadows Lecture Theatre,  5:15pm

NB Speakers without affiliations indicated are the University of Edinburgh.

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