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Archaeology seminars

The Archaeology seminars provide an opportunity for discussion of current research developments on a range of archaeological themes from diverse chronological and geographical areas. The seminars are open to all.

Seminar description

The Archaeology seminars provide an opportunity for discussion of current research developments on a range of archaeological themes from diverse chronological and geographical areas.

The talks are open to all. 

Time and location

Unless otherwise stated, the seminars take place 5.30-6.30pm (unless otherwise stated) on Thursdays online.

To receive a link to join the session please click on the 'Register' links below. Or email Jon Henderson to be added to the Archaeology seminar mailing list.

Event schedule

Semester 2 2021/22

Date Speaker Title Register to receive link and password
Thu 3 Feb

Professor Ian Baxter (Heriot-Watt University)

'Archaeology, heritage and tourism in a disrupted world' Register
Thu 10 Feb Jon Henderson (University of Edinburgh), Graeme Cavers, (AOC Archaeology), Mel Johnson (CFA Archaeology) and Richard Strachan (Historic Environment Scotland)

Joint lecture - 'Archaeology in the heart of Edinburgh: The Holyrood Field School project'

Thu 17 Feb Dr Ronan Toolis (GUARD Archaeology Limited)

'Shifting perspectives on 1st-millennia Scotland'

Wed 23 Feb Dr Chiara Bonacchi (University of Stirling)

'Heritage-based tribalism in big data ecologies and the role of "experts"’

NB 4.30 pm – log in details to follow.

Thu 3 Mar Dr Sam Challis (IASH, & University of the Witwatersrand)

'Rock Art Scotland and South Africa (RASSA): Working with local communities to record and preserve rock art in South Africa'

Thu 10 Mar Ian Hardwick (University of Edinburgh)

'At the edge of the world(s): Aerial survey, landscape and identity across frontiers of northern Britain during the Iron Age and Roman periods'

Thu 17 Mar Dr Sam Leggett (University of Edinburgh)

'Finding the Fish Event Horizon: Bioarchaeology of (early) Medieval fish consumption'

Thu 24 Mar Philip Robertson (Historic Environment Scotland)

'Cultural heritage and Scotland’s network of marine protected areas'

Thu 31 Mar Dr Tanja Romankiewicz and Hannah Genders Boyd (University of Edinburgh)

'Around the roundhouses: Circular lives, circular economies, circular ecologies'


Semester 1 2021/22

Date Speaker Topic Register to receive link and password
Thursday 7 Oct

Dr Penny Bickle (University of York)

 'Conceptualising Neolithic gender: the sexual division of labour amongst early farmers'

Thursday 14 Oct

Professor Trevor Watkins (University of Edinburgh)

The Neolithic and the Anthropocene: Changing the habits of ten thousand years’ Register
Thursday 21 Oct

Professor Alexandra Sanmark (University of the Highlands and Islands)

‘Norse waterways in the West Mainland of Orkney’

Thursday 28 Oct Kenneth McElroy and Iain McLean 

‘Caithness Broch Project: New visions of the past’

Thursday 4 Nov Dr Manuel Fernández-Götz (University of Edinburgh), Dr Dave Cowley (Historic Environment Scotland) and Dr Christoph Rummel (German Archaeological Institute)

‘Landscapes of interaction at the edge of the Roman Empire: New research on the Iron Age of southwest Scotland’

Thursday 11 Nov

Dr Mark Jackson (Newcastle University)

‘Filling gaps or papering over the cracks? Byzantine Anatolia and beyond from the 7th century AD’

Thursday 18 Nov Professor William Murray (University of South Florida)

'The Battle of the Egadi Islands Project'

Thursday 25 Nov Dr Jessica Smyth (University College Dublin)

'Passage Tomb People: Investigating the Social Drivers of Passage Tomb Construction'

Thursday 9 Dec Dr Arturo Rey da Silva (University of Edinburgh)

‘Preventing the world’s submerged past from looting, commercial exploitation and destruction. Cooperation, assistance and underwater archaeological practice within UNESCO's actions’


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