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Classics seminars

The Classics research seminars take place throughout the academic year and are open to all, within and outside the University.

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Seminar description

The Classics research seminars provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and the promotion of new research and debate among the research community, both within and outside the University. All are welcome. All are welcome. 

Time and location

Seminars take place in the  Teviot Lecture Theatre, Doorway 5, Old Medical School, Teviot Place from 5.10pm to 7.00pm unless with the Classical Association of Scotland (see below). Seminars are followed by drinks in the McMillan Room.  

All are welcome! 

Event schedule

Semester 2, 2019
Date Speaker Title   Notes
Wednesday 16 Jan

Harry Sidebottom

'The crisis of the third century'

6.00pm, Meadows Lecture Theatre, Doorway 4 with Classical Association of Scotland
Wednesday 23 Jan David Lewis (University of Edinburgh)

'Complexity in the urban economy of Athens and Piraeus in the fifth and fourth centuries BC'

Wednesday 30 Jan Allison Kidd (IASH, Edinburgh)

'The inheritors of Classical antiquity? Problematising homogeneity and heterogeneity in the architecture of 3rd-7th century Mediterranean cities'

Wednesday 6 Feb Lucy Grig (University of Edinburgh)

'Lived religion as popular culture in Late Antiquity'

Wednesday 13 Feb

Sara Fascione (DAAD Scholar)

'The reception of Symmachus in Sidonius Apollinaris' letters'

Wednesday 20 Feb Flexible Learning Week: Postgraduate session

Alberto Esu: 'Judicial review and Athenian foreign relations in the 4th century BCE'

Pier Luigi Morbidoni: 'The peculiarities of filiation in Latin inscriptions. A comparison with other Italic epigraphic cultures'

Wednesday 27 Feb Eóin O'Donoghue (KCL)

'The "Romanization" of Pantelleria: Early strategies for Roman overseas imperialism'

6.00pm, Meadows Lecture Theatre, Doorway 4 with Classical Association of Scotland
Wednesday 6 Mar Donatella Puliga (University of Siena)

'Shades of melancholy: images and metaphors from Greece and Rome to us'

Wednesday 13 Mar Gabriel Nocchi Macedo (University of Liège)

'Aristophanes in Hellenistic and Roman Times: Evidence from papyri and scholia'

Wednesday 20 Mar Vincent Gabrielsen (University of Copenhagen)

'Alongside the state, beside the temple, next to the market: The "Ancient Association" as a category of historical analysis'

Wednesday 27 Mar

Adrian Kelly (University of Oxford)


'With or without Homer: Hearing the background in archaic poetry'

Wednesday 3 Apr Emma Stafford (University of Leeds)

'Indignation or vengeance? The meaning of Nemesis in Classical Athens'

6.00pm, Meadows Lecture Theatre, Doorway 4 with Classical Association of Scotland
Wednesday 10 Apr Zosia Archibald (University of Liverpool) 'Cult and community at ancient Olynthos: A new look at an old problem and its wider cultural setting'  
Wednesday 17 Apr Tassilo Schmitt (University of Bremen) 'Old wine in new skins, or can we learn anything from recent debates about the Neronian persecution?'  
Wednesday 24 Apr Postgraduate session

Giulia Sagliardi: 'Si veterum certamina rite recordor. Claudian's memory of the past in Bellum Geticum'

Mark Huggins: : ‘John Chrysostom’s Catechetical Homily on Pascha (CPG 4605): A case study in approaching the question(s) of Byzantine pseudepigrapha'

Wednesday 1 May Kristoffel Demoen (University of Gent) 'The Greek Anthology and the short-lived revival of classicizing epigrams in 10th century Constantinople'  

Further information

Please contact the organisers for further information or if you have any questions.

Juan Lewis or Kim Czajkowski .

For information on the Classical Association of Scotland please contact Donncha O'Rourke.

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