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Centre for Late Antique, Islamic and Byzantine Studies seminars

The Centre for Late Antique, Islamic and Byzantine Studies seminars combine select sessions of the Classics, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies and History of Christianity Research seminars with the Byzantine Studies seminars. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Time and location

The Centre for Late Antique, Islamic and Byzantine Studies seminars take place throughout the year, on Mondays at 5:15pm unless otherwise stated. Please check below for changes and venues. 

Semester 1 2022/23

Date Speaker Topic Venue

Mon 3 Oct

Nik Matheou (University of Edinburgh)

‘Merchant oligarchy in the imperial east? The city of Ani under Roman rule, 1045–1064’

Byzantine Studies seminar

LG.11, 40 George Square

Mon 10 Oct

Marie Legendre, Abdullah Haidar, Leone Pecorini Goodall (all University of Edinburgh)

‘The Umayyad Women Project’

Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies Research seminar

Project Room, 50 George Square

Wed 12 Oct

Book launch event - Maureen Carroll, "The Making of a Roman Imperial Estate. Archaeology in the Vicus at Vagnari, Puglia" (Oxford: Archaeopress, 2022) and Alastair Small and Carola Small, "Archaeology on the Apulian – Lucanian Border" (Oxford: Archaeopress, 2002).

With contributions from Maureen Carroll (University of Sheffield), Alastair Small (University of Edinburgh), Carola Small (University of Edinburgh), Robert Leighton (University of Edinburgh), and Ben Russell (University of Edinburgh). Reception sponsored by Archaeopress.

NB 5:10pm

Classics Research seminar

Meadows Lecture Theatre

Tues 18 Oct

James Cave (University of York)

With an introduction to the project by Gianluca Raccagni (University of Edinburgh)

A “Viking” in the sun: Using creative practice to explore performativity in the Mediterranean world of Harald Hardrarda’

Byzantine Studies seminar with the History & Games Lab

LG.09, 40 George Square
Mon 31 Oct Salam Rassi (University of Edinburgh)

'Christian kingship and its discontents in the liturgy, historiography, and theology of the church of the east'

CLAIBS seminar

LG.11, 40 George Square

Tue 1 Nov

Carole Hillenbrand (University of Edinburgh)

Mary the mother of Jesus in Islam

2022 Montgomery Watt Lecture (IMES)

G.03, 50 George Square
Mon 14 Nov Nadine Viermann (Durham University)

‘In and out of Constantinople: Early 7th century coronation rituals in context’

Byzantine Studies seminar

LG.11, 40 George Square
Wed 16 Nov

Vesta Sarkhosh Curtis (British Museum)

Parthia and Rome: Interaction and conflict

To be followed by a celebration of the publication of Eberhard Sauer et al., "Ancient arms race: Antiquity’s largest fortresses and Sasanian military networks of Northern Iran" (Oxford: Oxbow, 2022)

NB 5:10pm

Classics Research seminar

Teviot Lecture Theatre

Mon 21 Nov 

Lucy Grig (University of Edinburgh)

‘Lived religion and popular culture in Late Antiquity: Approaches and methods’

NB 4:10pm

History of Christianity Seminar

Elizabeth Templeton Lecture Theatre, School of Divinity

Thurs 1 Dec


Rebecca Darley (University of Leeds), Elena Paulino Montero (UNED, Madrid), Mike Carr, Nik Matheou, Niels Gaul (all University of Edinburgh)

‘Writing the global Middle Ages: Themes and approaches’

NB 4:00pm

CLAIBS seminar with the Edinburgh Centre for Global History

Meadows Lecture Theatre, Old Medical School, Doorway 4

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