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Scottish History seminars

The Scottish History research seminars take place throughout the academic year and are open to all.

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Unless otherwise stated, the seminars begin at 5.15pm, LG.10 David Hume Tower, George Square. All are welcome! Free.

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Semester 2, 2019/20

Date Speaker Topic Notes

Thursday 16 Jan

Dr Alex Murdoch (University of Edinburgh)

‘Avoiding the Union: Scotland, 1651 to 1702’  

Thursday 23 Jan

Professor Adam Fox (University of Edinburgh)

‘Cheap print and society in Early Modern Scotland’ 

01M.469, Teaching room 12, Doorway 3, Old Medical School

Thursday 30 Jan

Dr Ewan Gibbs (University of the West of Scotland) 'Coal country: The meaning and memory of deindustrialization in Postwar Scotland’  

Thursday 6 Feb

Dr Kathrin Zickermann (University of the Highlands and Islands)

‘Alexander Erskein (1598-1656): Swedish resident, war councillor and peace negotiator’  

Thursday 13 Feb              

Dr Michelle Brock (Washington and Lee University)

‘Ministers and intimations: The making of a Covenanted community, 1638-1646’  

Thursday 27 Feb              

Dr James Smyth (University of Stirling)

‘“In all countries where the babies make the laws and customs…”: Infant mortality, c. 1860s to 1920s, a transatlantic study of public health and climate’ *POSTPONED*

Thursday 5 Mar

Dr Helen Newsome (University of Sheffield) ‘Secrecy, spies and hidden networks of exchange in the correspondence of Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scots (1489-1541)’ *POSTPONED*

Thursday 12 Mar             

Sonny Angus (University of Edinburgh)

‘Jugs, mugs and banners: The material culture of Scottish Radicalism, 1820-1884’ *POSTPONED*

Thursday 19 Mar             

Karie Schultz (Queen’s University, Belfast)

‘The two kingdoms theory and Civil War Scottish political thought, 1637-1646’

With the Scottish History Society


Thursday 26 Mar             

Professor Ian Campbell (University of Edinburgh) ‘The Scottish Romanesque Revival Revisited – Again’ *CANCELLED*

Thursday 2 Apr 

Professor Steve Boardman (University of Edinburgh)

‘Scotland in the Gough Map (c. 1400)’ *CANCELLED*
Semester 1, 2019/20
Date Speaker Topic Notes

Thursday 26 Sept

Alasdair Raffe (Edinburgh)

‘Political parties in seventeenth-century Scotland’


Thursday 3 Oct

Mark McLean (National Trust for Scotland)

'Scotch on the rocks: Literary identity and anxiety in the Scottish Enlightenment’

Thursday 10 Oct

Kathrin Zickermann (Highlands and Islands)

‘Alexander Erskein (1598-1656): Swedish resident, war councillor and peace negotiator’


Thursday 17 Oct

Lucy Brown (Strathclyde)

‘Negotiating the welfare state: Community art in Scotland 1962-1990’

Thursday 24 Oct David Headon (Australian National University)

‘So much more than a Prime Minister: Andrew Fisher (1862-1928)’

In association with ‘The First Eight’ project of the ANU Australian Studies Institute

Room LG 11David Hume Tower

Thursday 31 Oct

Andrew Carter (St Andrews)

‘“An Archbishop graft on a Puritan stock”: James Sharp, Archbishop of St Andrews, and the restoration of episcopacy in Scotland, 1660-1679’


Thursday 7 Nov

Seán Damer (Edinburgh)

‘From the sublime to the ridiculous? A tale of two schemes in interwar Glasgow’


Thursday 14 Nov

Gordon Barclay and Louise Heren (Independent)

‘The Battle for George Square: Myth, memory and reality in Red Clydeside’


Thursday 21 Nov

Andrew McDiarmid (Dundee)

‘Dying to invest: An introduction to tontines as a means of financing cultural and infrastructural projects, 1650-1850’

Thursday 28 Nov

Robbie Johnston (Edinburgh)

‘Rediscovering the union: Margaret Thatcher, the Conservatives and Scotland, 1974-c. 1990’


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