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Edinburgh Centre for Global History Graduate Workshops

The Edinburgh Centre for Global History Graduate Workshops provide an excellent  opportunity  for  doctoral  students and early career researchers to meet and discuss their research in an informal setting. They take place throughout the academic year and are open to all.

Each workshop typically lasts an hour. The registration process for these seminars will be finalised shortly, please check back for information.

Seminar description

The Graduate Workshops take place online on Wednesdays at 4pm unless otherwise stated, and will be chaired by Sam Cheney and Florian Wieser

Event schedule

Semester 2 2022/23

Date Topic and speakers Format
Wed 1 Mar

Colonialism and anti-colonialism in Britain and the British Empire

Azrin Afrin: 'The economic and socio-cultural contribution to Chittagong of the Chittagonian seasonal migrants in Burma"

Dilan Tulsiani; 'From anti-imperialism to anti-racism: The legacy of racialised policing on the league against imperialism in Britain'

4-5pm, Online via Zoom. Please contact for details.

Wed 15 Mar

Chinese Material Culture in Global Contexts 

Tullia Catriona Fraser: 'Collecting ‘China’ in Scotland in the late 19th–early 20th century'

Liu Yidan: 'Michael Boym: Translating visual cultures between early modern China and Europe'

Helen Persson Swain: 'Chinese export silks: Fashioning the world in the 18th century'


11am-1pm, ECA, Hunter Building, Room 2B

This event will require registration, details to follow.

Wed 29 Mar

Ash Charlton: 'Tracing knowledge networks: Digitally exploring race and slavery in the early Encyclopaedia Britannica (1768–1860)'

Siân Davies: 'The 'making' of idle and industrious labourers in Jamaica and north Wales'

4-5pm, G.15, William Robertson Wing, Old Medical School (Doorway 4)

Semester 1 2022/23

Date Speaker Topic
Wed 28 Sept


Cecilia Mazzocchio (University of St Andrews)

Daniel R. Quiroga-Villamarin (The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva)

Chaired by Sam Cheney

Cultural Approaches to Global History

'From local to global: The African soldier in "Jephthah" for the floor of Siena Cathedral'

'Architects of a better world: The birth of the International Parliamentary Complex (1918 - 1998)'


Wed 12 Oct


Nayanjyoti Kalita (Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Guwahati Campus, Assam)

Nicolás Gómez Baeza (University of Warwick)

Chaired by Florian Wieser

 Global Labour History

'Local labour, global questions: Coercive regime in the Lushai Hills at the British Empire's northeast Indian Frontier'

'British managers in Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego sheep farming industry: Global history and colonial labour regimes'

Wed 2 Nov


Manaswini Sen (University of Hyderabad)

Sara Zanotta (University of Pavia)

Chaired by Sam Cheney

Global Intellectual History

'The Indian Ocean and an alternative narrative of decolonisation: Transcontinental ties, spread of Communism and imperial surveillance in working-class movement of Bengal".

'The Asian "print connections" of the Iranian Constitutional Movement: A global history perspective'

Wed 14 Dec

Manaswini Sen (University of Hyderabad); Sara Zanotta (University of Pavia); Nicolás Gómez Baeza (University of Warwick); Nayanjyoti Kalita (Tata Institute of Social Sciences Guwahati Campus, Assam); Daniel R. Quiroga-Villamarin (The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva)

Chaired by Florian Wieser and Sam Cheney. 

Roundtable: New Directions and 'Newness' in Global History Research

Further information

Further information about the workshop series, and the wider work of the Centre can be found on its website,

If you wish to speak at one of the workshops or have any questions, please email

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