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Edinburgh Centre for Global History Graduate Workshops

The Edinburgh Centre for Global History Graduate Workshops provide an excellent  opportunity  for  doctoral  students and early career researchers to meet and discuss their research in an informal setting. They take place throughout the academic year and are open to all.

Each workshop typically lasts an hour, comprised of a thirty-minute presentation followed by a question and answer session. The theme for the 2020/21 workshops is 'Migration, Slavery and Diasporas'. 

Seminar description

The Graduate Workshops take place online on Tuesdays at 5pm.

Event schedule

Semester 1

Date Speaker Topic
Tuesday 13 Oct Yukti Lamba (Edinburgh)

'Risk, Refuge and Resilience: A Qualitative Study of Child Migrants in the Urban City of Delhi, India'

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Tuesday 27 Oct Jordan Buchanan (Cambridge)

'“Wake Up, England!”: The Panama Canal and the Anglo-Argentine Connection, 1914-29'

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Tuesday 17 Nov

James Fortuna (St Andrews)

'The New Deal’s Construction of a New Nation State: Architecture and Identity at Ellis and Angel Islands, 1934-42'

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Tuesday 24 Nov Ryan Glauser (Michigan)

'Development as Imperial Education: UN, Western Europe, and Students from the Global South in the 1970s'

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Tuesday 1 Dec

Aileen Lichtenstein (Glasgow)

'"My first meeting with King Fog in London” – Transnational German anarchist communities'

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Further information

Further information about the workshop series, and the wider work of the Centre can be found on its website,

If you wish to speak at one of the workshops or have any questions, please email