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The Centre for the Study of Modern and Contemporary History hosts seminars throughout the academic year, which are open to all.

Our seminars are open to all staff and students at the University of Edinburgh, as well as members of the public. Everyone is warmly welcome. The Centre's theme for 2019-20 is 'Revolution'.

Time and location

Seminars are usually held from 17.00 to 19.00 in LG.10 David Hume Tower unless stated otherwise. All papers are followed by a 10-15 minute comment. See below for further details. 

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Event schedule

Semester 1, 2019-20

Date Speaker(s) Title Comment Notes
Tuesday 17 Sept Jake Blanc (Edinburgh), Megan Hunt (Edinburgh), Jim Livesey (Dundee), Kalathmika Natarajan (Edinburgh)

'Revolutions past and future': A roundtable

Tuesday 1 Oct Malika Rahal (CNRS, Institut d’Histoire du Temps Présent)

'The Algerian revolution backwards. A perspective from 1962'

Stephan Malinowski (Edinburgh)  
Tues 15 Oct Paolo Gerbaudo (King's College London)

'Reactive democracy: Social media and the new revolution of the public sphere'

Rory Scothorne (Edinburgh)  
Tuesday 29 Oct Julia Nicholls (King's College London)

'Rethinking the French revolutionary tradition'

Emile Chabal (Edinburgh)

Wednesday 30 Oct Richard Drayton (King's College London) and Jacob Ross (Novelist and publisher at Peepal Tree Press)

''The Grenada revolution after 40 years: film screening and discussion of 'Forward Ever: The Killing of a Revolution' (2013)'.

* In collaboration with the Edinburgh Caribbean Association, the Edinburgh Centre for Global History and the Africa in Motion Film Festival


6:15-9pm, Appleton 1, 11 Crichton Street, Edinburgh


Friday 8 Nov Jay Winter (Yale)

'Silence as a language of memory: War, revolution and trauma, 1914-1924'

* In collaboration with the Connecting Memories Network
Paul Leworthy (Edinburgh)

Project Room, 50 George Square

Tuesday 12 Nov Julie Gibbings (Edinburgh)

'Revolutionary affect: Familial politics, global war, and Guatemala’s 1944 revolution'

Julia McClure (Glasgow)

Tuesday 26 Nov Charles Tripp (SOAS) and Jamie Allinson (Edinburgh)

'From Mubarak to ISIS: Revolution and counter-revolution in the contemporary Middle East'

* In collaboration with the Middle East Research Group


Semester 2, 2019-20 

Date Speaker(s) Title Comment
Tuesday 14 Jan Courtney Campbell (Birmingham)

'From Olga to Dilma: Women revolutionaries and the nation in twentieth-century Brazil'

Jake Blanc (Edinburgh)
Tuesday 28 Jan Sarah Badcock (Nottingham)

'Kaleidoscopic visions: Russia’s revolutions from provincial perspectives'

Anna Lively (Edinburgh)
Tuesday 11 Feb Kristoff Kerl ('Universität Köln, CSMCH-IASH Fellow 2019-20)

'Ecstasy and cultural revolution: Sex, drugs, and music in Western countercultures, 1960s-1980s'

Angela Bartie (Edinburgh)
Tuesday 3 Mar Nathaniel Morris (University College London)

'Soldiers, saints and shamans: Indigenous communities and revolutionary movements in the mountains of Mexico, 1910-40'

Julie Gibbings (Edinburgh)
Tuesday 17 Mar Anne Dolan (Trinity College Dublin)

'What price revolution? The personal costs of the Irish revolution'

* In collaboration with the Irish History Seminar
Niall Whelehan (Strathclyde)
Tuesday 31 Mar Pankaj Mishra (Essayist and novelist)

'Revisiting the age of anger'

Emma Hunter (Edinburgh)
Tuesday 5 May Kate Ballantyne (Edinburgh, CSMCH Career Development Fellow 2019-20)

‘"Bodies upon the gears": Southern university students and campus revolution in the era of in loco parentis'

Joe Ryan-Hume (Glasgow)

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