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Dr Christian Weikop: project leader and acknowledgements

Dr Christian Weikop has led the SGA50 project with the help of many individuals and institutions who have supported this project in different ways.

Christian Weikop outside ECA Main Building.
Photo © Robin Gillanders 2021

SGA50 project leader: Dr Christian Weikop

Dr Christian Weikop is a Senior Lecturer in Modern and Contemporary German Art at Edinburgh College of Art (ECA), The University of Edinburgh.

Much of his published research for various academic presses has focused on Expressionism and Dada. He has also written and edited publications on prominent German artists of the post-1945 era, especially Anselm Kiefer, Georg Baselitz, and Joseph Beuys.

These publications on more contemporary artists have been for

  • Tate,
  • the Los Angeles County Museum of Art,
  • the Royal Academy London,
  • the Nationalgalerie Berlin,
  • and the Burlington Magazine.

In addition, he has published on various subjects relating to German art in collaboration with

  • the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg,
  • the Kunsthalle Mannheim,
  • Kirchner Museum in Davos,
  • the National Galleries of Scotland,
  • the Neue Galerie in New York,
  • and Harvard University.

He wrote and presented a critically-acclaimed BBC Radio 3 documentary on Wassily Kandinsky.

He has organised several high profile international conferences on subjects ranging from August Sander to Degenerate Art, and is Series Editor of German Visual Culture for Peter Lang, publishing a number of books in this exciting series.

Christian Weikop by SGA display on Lady Lawson Street
Photo © Alex Hamilton 2021

Strategy: Get Arts (SGA)

Christian has been interested in Strategy: Get Arts (SGA) since organising an international Beuys symposium at ECA in 2016. He has published on SGA for Tate Papers (2019), and made films about this landmark exhibition with the artist-publisher Alexander Hamilton.

Christian has been the driving force behind the wider SGA50 project, which involves

  • an SGA50 website (designed by Guillaume Evrard),
  • an installation of SGA50 photo-panels (designed by Nicky Regan),
  • and the planting of a ‘Beuys oak’ (sourced from Loch Lomond) next to a basaltic rock (extracted from Salisbury Crags by Historic Environment Scotland) and relocated to the green space outside ECA Main Building.

The book

In August 2021, his Studies in Photography-EUP book Strategy Get Arts: 35 Artists Who Broke the Rules was launched at the Edinburgh International Book Festival with a panel event in the Sculpture Court, involving Alexander Hamilton and Fiona Bradley (Director of the Fruitmarket Gallery).

Christian feels a certain connection to Strategy: Get Arts as he was born on 5 September 1970 at the same time that the exhibition (23 August – 12 September) was in full swing.

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Christian Weikop’s work on this SGA50 project has been under the aegis of the Research Forum for German Visual Culture (external website) (ECA). 

He would like to thank the following individuals and institutions who have supported this project in different ways: 

  • Alexander Hamilton and his team at Studies in Photography 
  • Ian McIIroy (Designer, Studies in Photography) 
  • Professor Juan Cruz (Principal, ECA) 
  • Professor Richard Demarco CBE 
  • Terry Ann Newman (Demarco European Art Foundation) 
  • Patricia Erskine (Head of Stakeholder Relations and Policy Officer, CAHSS
  • Nicky Regan (Designer, ECA) 
  • Guillaume Evrard (SGA website) 
  • Marije Ross-Vugts (ECA Estates Development and Buildings Liaison Officer) 
  • Fiona Bradley (Director of the Fruitmarket) 
  • Jennifer Gough-Cooper 
  • David Oliver 
  • Helen Leigh (ECA) 
  • Karen Barber (Art History, University of Mississippi) 
  • Ted Fisher (Filmmaker, Delta State University in Cleveland, Mississippi) 
  • Monika Baumgartl (Photographer) 
  • Robin Connelly 
  • Robin Gillanders (Photographer) 
  • Anne Grasselli (Film Subtitling, PhD student at ECA) 
  • Kirstie Meehan (Archive and Special Collections, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art) 
  • Alicja Weikop 
  • Christopher Griffin and Celia White at Tate Research 
  • Adam Lockhart (Demarco Digital Archive at the University of Dundee) 
  • Stuart Bennett (Senior Lecturer and Former Acting Principal of ECA) 
  • Professor Andrew Patrizio (ECA) 
  • Keith Hartley (Chief Curator and Deputy Director of Modern and Contemporary Art at the National Galleries of Scotland) 
  • Andrew Symons (ECA) 
  • Kamini Vellodi (ECA) 
  • Magda Salvesen (Jon Schueler Estate) 
  • Jonathan Long (Landscape Services Manager at the University of Edinburgh) 
  • Stephen Christoforou, Park and Gardens Manager, Holyrood Park and Palace Gardens Conservation 
  • Lita Marley (ECA Café) 
  • Historic Environment Scotland (HES)
  • Amanda Catto and Creative Scotland 
  • Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC
  • Edinburgh College of Art (RKEI Research Grant) 
  • Gerhard Richter Archive (Dresden) 
  • Bridget Kerr and the Leverhulme Trust 


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