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First floor plan

This map shows where to find all the SGA50 photo-panels with QR codes, sited where the original Strategy: Get Arts (1970) artworks, installations, and performances were located on the first floor of the ECA Main Building.

SGA50 First floor plan of ECA Main Building
First floor plan of ECA Main Building

14 Highland installation, Reiner Ruthenbeck.

14. Reiner Ruthenbeck’s ‘Highland’ installation being assembled by Ruthenbeck and ECA students in studio E.21

15 Group display, Daniel Spoerri, André Thomkins, Dorothy Iannone, Dieter Roth, George Brecht, Stefan Wewerka and Robert Filliou.

15. Studio E.22 was used for the largest group display of artists

16 Work by Tony Morgan, Ferdinand Kriwet, and Gerhard Richter.

16. Visitors to Strategy: Get Arts (1970) inspecting work along the first-floor south corridor (from E.22 to E.25)

17 Paintings, Gerhard Richter.

17. Paintings by Gerhard Richter being moved by student assistants in preparation for Strategy: Get Arts

18 Cushion Pictures by Gotthard Graubner, paintings by Konrad Klapheck, and cardboard construction by Erwin Heerich.

18. Gotthard Graubner’s paintings (Cushion Pictures) and Erwin Heerich’s construction in studio E.25

19 Photographs of Pitheads by Bernd and Hilla Becher, and electrostatic containers by Erich Reusch.

19. Cordelia Oliver among glass containers by Erich Reusch and photographs by Bernd and Hilla Becher

20 Homage to Goldwater - Gott mit uns (1964), Hans Alvermann, as well as text works by Ferdinand Kriwet in connecting corridor.

20. Hans Alvermann’s assemblage Homage to Goldwater - Gott mit uns (1964) and concentric text works by Ferdinand Kriwet

21 Solutions I-IV (1969), Sigmar Polke.

21. Student helpers and Düsseldorf SGA curator Jürgen Harten in front of Sigmar Polke’s paintings Solutions I-IV (1969)

22 Focusing Room, Adolf Luther, and kinetic installation Times Square (1965), Karl Gerstner.

22. Adolf Luther’s Focusing Room in ECA studio E.10

23 Diversion paintings, Peter Brüning.

23. Peter Brüning’s Diversion paintings on north corridor, with Ferdinand Kriwet’s banners

24 Breathing Objects (1970), Günter Weseler, light projections, Imi Knoebel.

24. Günter Weseler rigging up his Breathing Objects (1970) in studio E.11

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