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IGMM welcomes new undergraduate honours project students: January 2020

Honours Projects IGMM session

Undergraduate research and teaching plays increasingly important role in the life of IGMM and significant effort is made to provide students with the best possible experience. To this end on Friday 17th January the Institute hosted a welcome event for the IGMM undergraduate honours students. Students were provided with an overview of IGMM, guidance on writing a dissertation and with information on what doing an honours project is all about. Drs Lesley Stark and Andy Sims from the Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre discussed with the attendants the expectations, concerns and potential outcomes to hopefully ensure that all students know what they are getting into, know where to get help and have a good experience over the next few months during their Final year Honours projects.

Thank you so much for the welcome event, it was very informative and helped me meet some cool new people.

Luis BuijsStudent participating in the event

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