Edinburgh Cancer Research

Exciting new developments linked to cancer gene therapies and gene editing

Our Centre’s scientists will explore new frontiers in gene therapies and personalised gene editing: September 2020

Figure showing artistic impression of gene editing

Biotech launch targets new cancer treatments

Professor Steven Pollard has been named as the scientific founder and senior adviser to a spin-off company Cellinta Limited, which will focus on development of new gene therapies to target various forms of cancer.

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Principal's Innovation Award for Arran Turnbull

In September 2020 Dr Arran Turnbull has been announced as one of the first seven winners of the Principal's Innovation Award at the University of Edinburgh.

Seven research projects with transformative potential have been named winners of the inaugural awards. Each research team receives £10,000 to enable researchers to turn innovative ideas into ambitious, large-scale research proposals. Dr Turnbull's project explores personalised gene editing to target cancer cells.

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