Biomedical Sciences

Ferrier Prize Lecture 2023 - Prof Richard Morris

Congratulations to Professor Richard Morris, winner of the Ferrier Medal and Lecture, who presented his prize lecture on 20 April 2023 at the Royal Society in London.

 About the award

First awarded in 1928, the Ferrier Medal and Lecture is awarded biennially and given on a subject related to the advancement of natural knowledge on the structure and function of the nervous system. Professor Richard Morris is recognised for greatly advancing the understanding of the physiological and psychological processes underlying memory. 

Time Travel

The concept of memory is used in many branches of science. In neuroscience, it refers to experience-dependent changes in the nervous system that collectively constitute memory traces of varying accuracy, and from which we can later recall earlier events, places, facts or learned skills. Memory is important and it helps each of us to travel in time and so define our own individuality. 

Considering memory

In this lecture, Professor Richard Morris will talk about the making, keeping, and losing of memory. Analysis in both humans and animals typically distinguishes the separate processes of encoding, storage, consolidation, and recall. Exciting major advances have been made in recent years that reflect deepening understanding of these processes.


The Lecture can be viewed here: