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News from Biomedical Sciences for 2019.

Dr Dorothy Tse awarded PTAS Small Grant Award

Congratulations to Dr Dorothy Tse (Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences) who has been awarded a Small Grant Award from the Principal’s Teaching Award Scheme (PTAS) for the Edinburgh Brain Bee event.

Brain function discovery that could help halt Alzheimer's disease

A new study, published in the journal Current Biology, has discovered the functions of the area of the brain in which Alzheimer’s begins, offering hope for the development of future treatments for over half a million people in the UK who suffer from the disorder.

New BBSRC Project Grant Award

Congratulations to Dr Carole Torsney and Professor Dies Meijer (Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences) on their successful three-year BBSRC Project Grant Award!

BNA Undergraduate Prize awarded to Neuroscience graduate

University of Edinburgh student Pia Siegele has been awarded the 2019 British Neuroscience Association (BNA) Undergraduate award for her work in Neuroscience.

New paper in Reproduction

Congratulations to the Spears Lab, Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences, for their new paper published in the journal Reproduction, which provides new insights into the effects of chemotherapy drugs on the human ovary.

Wellcome Trust Fellowship success

Congratulations to Dr Emily Osterweil, Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences, for being awarded a Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellowship (SRF) to study ribosome function in neuronal plasticity and autism.

New insights into the memory functions of LEC

A team of researchers from Centre of Discovery Brain Sciences led by Prof Matthew Nolan, in collaboration with the University of St Andrews, have published new research in Cell Biology, on the memory functions of lateral entorhinal cortex (LEC)

ERC grant award success

Congratulations to Dr Nathalie Rochefort, Centre of Discovery Brain Sciences,  who has been awarded a European Research Council (ERC) Consolidator Grant.

Grant success from the Simons Foundation

Congratulations to Prof Peter Kind (Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences) and his colleagues on the successful award of a £12million grant from the Simons Foundation.

Dementia study reveals how proteins interact to stop brain signals

Fresh insights into damaging proteins that build up in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s disease could aid the quest for treatments.

New insights into the cause of cancer cachexia

A team of researchers from Anatomy@Edinburgh and Clinical Surgery at the University of Edinburgh, led by Tom Gillingwater, Ross Jones and Richard Skipworth, has published new research into the underlying biology of cancer cachexia.

Ancestral remains return to homeland of Sri Lankan tribespeople

An elder from an ancient Sri Lankan tribe has taken part in a ceremony to mark the return of human remains to his homeland.

ZJE students win first Prize at Student Leadership Forum

After a weekend of extensive and lively debate, planning and organization a team of three undergraduate students from the Zhejiang University – University of Edinburgh (ZJE) Institute were awarded first prize for their presentation and proposal to develop a social network to promote interactions between students across UK China Joint Institutes in China.

BBSRC award for study on appetite regulation in birds

Congratulations to Professors Gareth Leng (Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences) and Simone Meddle (Roslin Institute) who have been awarded a grant by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council to study the brain processes that control hunger in birds.

New papers in Nature Communications

Congratulations to first authors Dr Sam Booker and Dr Aleks Domanski and senior authors Profs Peter Kind and David Wyllie who have published two papers in Nature Communications on their findings from investigating the developmental basis of sensory hypersenstivities in Fragile X Syndrome.

Edinburgh representation on SFN Neuroscience Training Committee

Congratulations to Dr Jane Haley (Edinburgh Neuroscience) who has been appointed to the Society for Neuroscience ’Neuroscience training Committee’ as the only non-USA member (out of 16 members)

New Fellowship funded by Race against Dementia

A warm welcome to postdoctoral fellow Dr Claire Durrant who has taken up post in Prof Tara Spires-Jones lab (Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences). Dr Durrant has featured in an article in The Scotsman about F1 motor racing legend Sir Jackie Stewart and his 'Race Against Dementia’ charity that has recently invested £1.5 million in dementia research.

Alison Douglas Prize for the Best PhD Thesis 2018/19

The Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences is delighted to announce the winner of the Alison Douglas Prize for the best PhD thesis for 2018/19 has been awarded to Dr David Munro for his thesis on 'Mechanisms of kidney vascularisation and the roles of macrophages in renal organogenesis'.

Poet-in-Residence for the Anatomical Museum

The Anatomical Museum is delighted to introduce Georgi Gill, our poet-in-residence for 2019-20.

Brainwaves: Interview with Professor Gareth Leng

Prof Gareth Leng, Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences, was recently interviewed by Agnes Becker, a Communications Officer at the British Society for Neuroendocrinology, as part of 'Brainwaves' which puts the spotlight on eminent neuroendocinologists about their work, passions and tips for budding scientists.

‘Anatomicum’ – Dr Jennifer Paxton publishes new anatomy book

Image from the front cover of Anatomicum
A new anatomy book describing the wonder and beauty of the human body has been published by Big Picture Press as part of the ‘Welcome to the Museum’ series, and in collaboration with the Wellcome Collection.

ZJE Student Welcome Ceremony 2019

On 8 September 2019, more than 100 new undergraduate and postgraduate students attended the Zhejiang University - University of Edinburgh Institute (ZJE) new student welcome ceremony at the International Campus in China.

Why the drugs don’t work for women and what to do about it

Whether you are male or female can make a significant difference to the safety and effectiveness of your medication. Dr Carole Torsney talks to The Times about male bias preclinical and clinical research and the impact for women. 

Michlewski lab awarded new BBSRC grant

Congratulations to the Michlewski lab who have been awarded a grant worth £510,000 to investigate the role of novel RNA-binding protein TRIM25 in viral nucleic acids sensing and signalling.

Denholm lab awarded a Leverhulme Trust Research Grant

Congratulations to the Denholm lab who have been awarded a Leverhulme Trust Research Grant to explore the physiological mechanisms underpinning one of most powerful water-extraction systems in nature.

New paper in Nature Communications

Dr Gracjan Michlewski has published a paper in Nature Communications - "Loss of 5-methylcytosine alters the biogenesis of Vault-derived small RNAs to coordinate epidermal differentiation".

Dementia gene linked to connections in brain

Insights into how a gene that increases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease disrupts brain cells have been revealed by scientists.

Partnership success with McGill University

Congratulations to Profs David Wyllie, Catherina Becker and Dr Emma Wood (Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences) on their collaborative grant success with McGill University. Their research will focus on autism/neurodevelopmental disorders, intellectual disabilities (with particular focus on studies using human induced pluripotent stem cells), and neurodegenerative diseases.

Dr Jane Haley awarded MBE

Congratulations to Dr Jane Haley (Edinburgh Neuroscience) who has been awarded a Member of the Order of the British Empire in the Queen's Birthday Honours List in recognition for Services to Science Engagement and Education.

Partnership Win at NHS Awards

A Biomedical Sciences collaboration with Fife college has won a prestigious national award for an innovative approach to training the life science workforce of the future.

Prof Song receives Honorary Degree

Professor Yonghua Song, Executive Vice-President of Zhejiang University and the founding Dean of the International Campus at Zhejiang University receives an honorary Doctor of Science degree from the University of Edinburgh

2019 promotions in Biomedical Sciences

Congratulations to all BMS colleagues on their promotions for 2019

Stroke-ImPACT group awarded €6M to study stroke and dementia

Congratulations to Dr Barry McColl (Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences) and his research group, who are part of an international consortium, Stroke-ImPACT, which has recently been awarded €6M funding from Fondation Leducq to study immunological mechanisms linking stroke and dementia. 

New study shows that statins improve Fragile-X symptoms

Prof Peter Kind (Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences) and colleagues have published a study  in Science Translational Medicine, which show that lovastatin, a drug commonly used to lower cholesterol, corrected learning and memory problems in rats with a form of Fragile X Syndrome.

Alzheimer's funding boost for UKDRI Edinburgh

Prof Tara Spire-Jones' team have received £160,000 from Alzheimer's Research UK to explore what could be a new way of treating Alzheimer's.

Scientists discover circuit boards inside cells

Congratulations to Prof Mark Evans (Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences) and colleagues who have published a study investigating cellular processes in the body.

From the SCOPE blog: Teaching in China

Dr Sander van den Driesche (Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences) tells us more about being part of the 'flying faculty' at the joint Zhejiang University/University of Edinburgh Institute. (Credit to SCOPE for this story)

“Anyone for Coffee?” Encouraging student and staff informal interactions

In the latest post from the 'Teaching Matters' blog, Dr Celine Caquineau and Dr Phil Larkman, from the Biomedical Teaching Organisation, showcase two initiatives recently run in the deanery of Biomedical Sciences to build a community.

Parkinson’s disease clues from zebrafish study

Congratulations to Dr Thomas Becker (Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences) who has published new findings on zebrafish regeneration in the Journal of Neuroscience

Graduate spotlight: Denisse Guitarra

A month in the life of a Conservation Advocate in America.

Staff Spotlight: Dr Dorothy Tse

Dr Dorothy Tse standing beside her memory maze
Our spotlight shines on Dr Dorothy Tse this month who explains about her research in the neurobiology of learning and memory

New Fellow of the Royal Society

Congratulations to Prof David Price (Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences) who was recently elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh

Principal formally opens ZJE Institute

Image of all UoE and ZJE staff outside the newly opened Institute by the Principal
Edinburgh Principal Professor Peter Mathieson has officially opened a campus in China that will translate medical research into technologies to improve healthcare.

My Name'5 Doddie Foundation donates to MND Research

Congratulations to Professor Thomas Gillingwater (Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences) for his joint award of ~500K from Doddie Weir's 'My Name'5 Doddie Foundation'.

New collaborative paper in Molecular Cell

Dr Gracjan Michlewski (Infection Medicine) has published a collaborative paper in Molecular Cell on the dynamics and roles of RNA-bound proteome during viral infections.

Publication and feature on cover of the Journal of Neuroscience

Congratulations to the Pratt group who have published their recent findings and featured on the cover of the Journal of Neuroscience

Do your looks betray you?

The evening of the 31st of January saw over 200 people fill the anatomy lecture theatre for the latest in a series of Anatomical museum talks.

Staff spotlight - Dr Sharron Ogle

Dr Sharron Ogle at the Global Health Academy stand in Dynamic Earth
Dr Sharron Ogle, Programme Director of the online MSc Biodiversity, Wildlife and Ecosystem Health programme, talks about the huge body of knowledge our online learners bring to the digital learning environment and the challenges of making academia globally accessible.

Professor Mayank Dutia retires

Mayank Dutia
Professor Mayank Dutia has retired from his role as Director of Postgraduate Teaching at the Deanery of Biomedical Sciences after almost 40 years working for the University of Edinburgh.

Mob leader who tamed Edinburgh’s unruly masses returns to city

Close up of Bowed Joseph's face
A notorious 18th century rabble rouser has returned to Edinburgh in the form of a life-sized model cast from his skeleton.

Dr Nathalie Rochefort selected as EMBO young investigator

EMBO logo and Image of Dr Nathalie Rochefort who has been elected to the EMBO Investigator Programme
Congratulations to Dr Nathalie Rochefort (Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences) who has been selected as an EMBO Young Investigator.