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A celebration of the scientific career of Prof Gareth Leng

The Journal of Neuroendocrinology has published a special issue to mark Professor Gareth Leng's Festschrift.

Gareth retired in 2021 after 46 years in science, with 27 of those spent at the University of Edinburgh. Drinking, eating, love, sex – Gareth has unwoven the rainbow around all these targets of human (and other animal’s) attention, but always in a collaborative, insightful and scholarly way.

This celebratory Festschrift took place on the 11th and 12th August 2022 in the historic St Cecilia's Hall in Edinburgh and marked Gareth's long and fruitful career as an academic and researcher in neuroendocrinology – but not by means of a hagiographic meander, studded with ‘in-jokes’, through his scientific and (anti-)social exploits.

On the contrary, this event was forward-looking; highlighting new developments, unsolved puzzles, oddities and controversies in this broad field of research. This was another opportunity to experience how Gareth, and the people he worked with, has had an impact on our understanding of the unconscious neuronal and hormonal influences on the behaviours that help make us human.

The Journal of Endocrinology has issued a special edition to mark this occasion and contains fourteen contributions from the invited speakers at the Festschrift, comprising a range of friends, colleagues, former students and collaborators from Gareth’s illustrious career, which highlight advances, oddities, challenges and/or controversies in neuroendocrinology.

We wish you all the happiness for your retirement Gareth!

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