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The hidden REF 2021

Congratulations to all the team involved in the 'Guide to Pharmacology Project' which won the 'applications of research' award at The hidden Ref 2021 . The hidden REF is a national competition which celebrates the range of important research achievements that may not fit neatly into a REF submission.  

The database, run on behalf of the International Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology and the British Pharmacological Society, is an expert-curated database on drug targets, the drugs and research molecules that act on them, and the diseases to which they are relevant. It is intended as a “one-stop shop” portal to pharmacological information, providing a searchable database with quantitative information on drug targets and the prescription medicines and experimental drugs that act on them.

It was begun by our late colleague, Prof Tony Harmar, and has been run since 2014 by Prof Jamie Davies and his team, advised by a total of nearly 900 subject experts across the world. Several journals carry hyperlinks to database entries as a matter of course in all of their articles, to allow readers rapid access to rich pharmacological information about molecules mentioned in the journal text.

The current BMS team members are Prof Jamie Davies,  Dr Jane Armstrong, Dr Elena Faccenda, Dr Simon Harding, and honorary fellow Dr Chris Southan.

It’s a real testament to the hard work of the team who, with the support and vision of the funders, have created such an invaluable resource for the entire community.

Many congratulations to you all and look forward to the future developments from the team and the Guide to Pharmacology project

Prof Mike ShipstonDean, Biomedical Sciences

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