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Introducing Ziva from Casta Spes Technologies (CST)

Dual-wheeled multi-terrain robotic vehicle able to travel various terrains at speeds of >19KPH, a battery life of up to 14 hours, built-in sensing capabilities and two-way communication modalities.

Casta Spes Technologies (CST) are a start-up company in the local area developing cutting-edge robotic security vehicles for autonomous patrols, threat classification and license plate recognition applicable in warehousing, industrial properties, private estates, solar / wind farms, ports, construction, agriculture, surveying and hazardous environments. 



Casta Spes Technologies (CST) is one of many start-up companies that pitched for investment at the 11th annual Engage.Invest.Exploit (EIE) event back in April 2019. Since then, they have expanded their business presence, opening up a new office space at the Roslin Innovation Centre with world-class facilities for the AgriTech & Veterinary community. Additionally, they have worked closely with the School of Informatics and Bayes Centre on a recent cybersecurity & data science project funded by The Data Lab Innovation Centre. This was focused on multi-modal communication channels and end-to-end encryption that will ensure the protection of Ziva’s data assets in the unlikely scenario of a breach occurring.

ZIVA is the first of our robotic vehicles, specifically designed for affordable data collection. There are a lot of challenges ahead but we have excellent industry partners and supporters, like the Bayes Centre, to help us grow. We hope to drive data innovation in multiple industries, such as agriculture and transport, to solve some of the world's greatest challenges, including food security and climate change.

Our Vision is to empower humanity through autonomy - starting with accessible robotic security for all, making the world a safer place.

Selby CaryCo-Founder & CEO of Casta Spes Technologies

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