Bayes Centre

Bayes Centre wins 'Large Project' Award at Edinburgh Architectural Association Awards

Bennetts Associates celebrates success for the Bayes Centre building design

The Bayes Centre brings together academics and students working in the fields of Data Technology, Design Informatics, Maths and Robotics with start-up / spin-out companies and industrial collaborators. It is a building worthy of Edinburgh’s reputation and leadership in these fields.

Bayes Centre has won the 'Large Project' Award at the Edinburgh Architectural Association Awards.

the complex programme was skilfully handled, with moments of delight, variety & spatial generosity creating an interior which was much more than the sum of its parts

Edinburgh Architectural Association Awards

An impressive atrium with break out areas, open plan working spaces and a large ground floor café facilitates interaction between different disciplines, bringing together departments previously spread across the city in many smaller buildings. A venue is provided for conferences, seminars and social events for academics from across the UK and beyond. Collaborators can enjoy the fourth floor roof garden with its stunning views of Arthur’s Seat.

The proposal occupies a pivotal piece of the University’s estate and acts as a prominent gateway into the University Quarter. It is the final phase of the Potterrow Development, following the completion of the much lauded Informatics Forum and Dugald Stewart Building, also by Bennetts Associates and completed in 2008. We are fortunate to have this opportunity to complete the urban block and courtyard of the original scheme.

The new building adheres to the general principles of the original design and uses the same external materials: sandstone from Berwick to the outside of the city block and polished white concrete to the interior of the courtyard, with prominent feature windows and double height balconies on a city scale. The entrance colonnade on Potterrow and the oak lining to protected walls and soffits give coherence to the whole block. Public routes across the site are maintained, enhanced by a tree-filled courtyard with access to the public café opening onto this.

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