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The Software Sustainability Institute is led by EPCC, in partnership with the universities of Manchester, Oxford and Southampton, and supported by the seven UKRI research councils

The Institute promotes good practice around software, with training and careers for data science professionals and teams as some of the key challenges our programmes and resources address. 

The Institute draws on a team of experts with a breadth of experience in software development, project and programme management, research facilitation, publicity and community engagement. Some of its most recent community activities in Edinburgh include the Edinburgh Carpentries (EdCarp) software training workshops, and the Edinburgh Research Software Engineering Community meetings (CERSE).

Edinburgh Carpentries (EdCarp)

Edinburgh Carpentries (EdCarp) is an ongoing computational training initiative, offering Carpentries-based workshops across research institutions in Edinburgh. Launched in 2018 with support from the Software Sustainability Institute, the Computing Office at the School of Physics and Astronomy (SoPA), and the Research Data Service and the Digital Research Service, EdCarp has already trained over 350 students and staff members thanks to the commitment of a large pool of local organisers, instructors and helpers. 

After the summer, EdCarp is resuming activities with a Software Carpentry workshop held at Kings Buildings, supported by the College of Science and Engineering.

More workshops will be organised for the rest of the year at the IGMM, the School of Chemistry, the CDCS and Heriot-Watt. 

Community of the Edinburgh Research Software Engineers (CERSE)

A companion activity to the Edinburgh Carpentries initiative, the Community of the Edinburgh Research Software Engineers (CERSE) aims to establish a Research Software Engineer (RSE) group supporting Edinburgh institutions.

RSEs are people who support research and/or do research through the development and use of software. These meetings allow RSEs to get to know each other, establish best practice and to inform other members of what is going on in the community.


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Edinburgh Carpentries (EdCarp)

Carpentries-based workshops

Software Carpentry workshop at Kings Buildings

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Community of the Edinburgh Research Software Engineers (CERSE)

Research Software Engineer (RSE)