Bayes Centre

New Members area

Bayes offers Membership and Partnership opportunities to businesses of all sizes and has this week announced the opening of the new shared hot-desking Members area

Located on level 3, the Members area has been deliberately configured to provide external organisations with the opportunity to establish and build early collaborations with colleagues based in/around Bayes, and across the wider Data-Driven Innovation programme. 

With existing members already in place, we hope that this model will help to further enhance academic collaboration with industry partners, as we continue to work across traditional academic disciplines and sectors. 

The membership scheme will enable a host of external organisations to access Bayes expertise and facilities to build new collaborations with the University community. By giving them a ‘home away from home’ at the Bayes Centre in the new members’ area, we’re enhancing our capability to scale up engagement with industry and the public sector

Michael RovatsosBayes Director
Bayes members area

Further information on Bayes current Members and Partners  and how to join the community can be found here.